Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012 or 2020?

2012 is the year of?...

Have u all watch the 2012?...yeah? wutcha all think? sucks or sucks for not watching it? hahahah....if any of ya all ever seen the movie, KLCC is missing from the destrution's the missing scene for the movie.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan story


Emm...alhamdulillah...after a year passed still living n breathing to celebrate Ramadhan. 2 days fasting now...goosh time passed by dat face nowadays huh? well nothing last. As usual Ramadhan will go and leave us with sweet memories and lots of love (depends on people).

Well the story goes...err...2 days fasting and hari raya song already been play here n there? Kejadah dah tak sabo nak beraya ka?? kah kah kah...isnt it ramadhan that bring the special feelings. Hari raya is a farewell party for Ramadhan actually and the feeling of sadness is eventually inveitable. Aku rasa bulan ramadhan ni patutnya org islam kena pk lebih utk beramal or menjaga amal ibadah atau perbanyakkan lagi instead of thinking more of nak beraya sakan.

No wonder muslim kat negara ni ada worse attitude. Mana durang peduli sangat pasal ramadhan. tau nak beraya ja. Ako penah nampak banyak kali org islam kita balik dari opis drive mcm hantu kubur. Honk here n there just to show ppl that they're already late to buy the juadah for breakfasting. Not to mention curse people here and there while driving recklessly. I wonder if these wut the learned from ramadhan. No wonder they only know raya raya raya only

Oh berebut parking kat pasar juadah pon mau gadoh?? astagfirullah....Ramadhan suppose to teach muslims love between humans but instead...hatred just becoz of a stupid parking lot. No patience, love, tawakkal redha....only hatred n anger....all they know is raya raya raya...

Betul kata org org islam di bulan ramadhan pada hari ini...cuma puasa ja...benda2 lain tak jaga. That's why mostly people will back to jadi setan after ramadhan....righteouss time bulan ramadhan ja...tu pon ramai yg tak kah kah kah. Sometimes make me wonder are we a true servants or just a 2 face hipocrits? well to be such an ass too. May this events be a reminder to me as well. Perhaps we can be a better person if we truly do something without asking or hoping for something in return or maybe...just maybe sincerity and conscience are hard to come by?

May this ramadhan teach us to be a better person and servant. Amin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Layan Jiwang Sekali Sekala

Lagu terbaru dari aku...adess jiwang lak kekekek...

Title : This song is just for you

Aku akan tetap bertahan
Mencintai dirimu hingga keakhir nanti
Meskipun harus ku terima
Kenyataannya ku menyusur hari tanpa dirinya

Walau bertahun bersama
Waktu yang usai sudah
But the memories forever
Our love have been apart of my life

Ku tetap menunggu
Hingga akhir waktu
Telah terpatri disaat
Ku lafazkan ungkapan seumur hidupku
This song is just for you
And know my heart is true
Dengarlah kasih cintaku bukan semu
Seluruh hidupku untukmu
Walau hatimu jauh
Tidak lagi miliku
Seperti dulu

kau yang bertahta
cinta ku tetapkan abadi
kau yang bertahta
Namun demi cinta
Ku doa kau bahgia
Meski bukan relaku

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tak ada yang abadi - jikustik

Kau pernah menjadi detak dalam nadiku
Dalam hidupku
Dan kau pun pernah menyelamatkan
Seluruh hidupku
Kau pernah menghujaniku dengan butiran
Air matamu
Tapi kau juga pernah tertawa
Dalam pelukku
Perubahan ini meyakinkan aku
Bahwa tak ada yang abadi
Sejak kau putuskan
Untuk melepaskan hidup
Kau pernah menjadi terang dalam gelapku
Saat tersesat
juga pernah menyentuh
Rasa sakitku
Kepergian itu mengajarkan aku
Bahwa tak ada yang abadi
Sejak kau putuskan
Untuk melepaskan hidup

Jikustik – Puisi

Aku yang pernah engkau kuatkan
Aku yang pernah kau bangkitkan
Aku yang pernah kau beri rasa
*courtesy of
Saat ku terjaga
Hingga ku terlelap nanti
Selama itu aku akan selalu mengingatmu

Kapan lagi kutulis untukmu
Tulisan-tulisan indahku yang dulu
Pernah warnai dunia
Puisi terindah ku hanya untukmu

Mungkinkah kau kan kembali lagi
Menemaniku menulis lagi
Kita arungi bersama
Puisi terindahku hanya untukmu

Photo editing is fun!

One of the most well known ICON in the world, MEGATRON!!

I been to this fellow...a singaporean guy blog. He stated there that our good ol megatron sucks!!! Now why does he suck? I keep askin myself why does he sucks? does he?

Think again...megatron contributed so much as a leader and also as a villain king for the TF universe. Then why is this guy sucks? coz he is the badass? Evil is what he do...not who he is. Lets journey back into the history of cybertron. Megatron was once, a great and respectable leader before he got corrupted by the fallen. In other words, megatron kick ass while optimus prime aka young orion pax was still sucking his mom's tits at home. No offence prime...i do like u too.

So before u all jump into any conslusion by saying megatron sucks, think again who sacrifice himself in order to prevent unikron from fully awaken? not once but twice!!!. Also who made optimus prime look great if its not coz of him?

Those who do not know the history of TF universe will simply said megatron sucks but those who knew will surely say "All hail lord megatron!!"

Transformer Animated

The latest transformer franchise. Im one of TF die hard fans. This robots have been with me since i was in secondary school back in 80's. No matter what, TF has always been my all time favourite superheroes robots. However, the TF series have been evolved from time to time. Let just say i can still accept TF cybertron. Now this TF animated. I dont understand what is the producer trying to do? Is this some kinda Teen Titans or ben 10 version of TF? omg! this really ultimately sucks.

TF is better off left alone with the art style. One thing bout the design, do not change it into crappy shit appearance. Why they must be lure to this genre? TF already got a lots of diehard fans ever since the series on air back in the 80's. The fans did not want this art style. The want it just like the way they were or at least better than they used to be.

I think the only reason is becoz they wanna attract younger audience. This is what the market is today. So im guessing whoever watching this version are those who's still sucking up his momma's thumb. WTF ever...the greatness of TF once again ruined by those capatalist.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan and Selamat Berpuasa

I would love to wish everyone expecially my friends, happy ramadhan and happy fasting. May Allah S.W.T bless our life with prosperity and harmony. Amin.

Jujurco Team

Ok...this is my design unit team. Its been fun working with them. So far we've done a lots of events mainly for government and semi government.This photo was made for fun...actually the original picture was taken from valkyrie film. I just edit them and put our whole team together.

Sitting from left :

Azam - Really nice guy and a good friend. He is the marketing manager and always did a great job. A faithful husband...hopefully remains forever kah kah kah...Glad his wife got transfered to KL from Terengganu...otherwise he'll be spending his time driving to terengganu every weekends.

Bro Dean@Din - The elder. Earned most of the respect. Good guy and hillarious...most of all picking up on bro asmugi@azmi lolz. His best quotes is "ngantuknyaaaa" almost everyday lolz.

Dzakie - Also nie guy and love karaokeing. One of the marketing manager. Funny but hardworking. Not very close tho but i can tell the guy have a good heart

Standing from left :

Anuar - Marketing assistant. Hillarious guy lol....very friendly. This guy hobby is downloading a lots of movies. Nice guy and good heart.

Jay - He is one of designer in our team. Friendly and nice. He love travelling. Latest, he travel from gombak to tioman with his bicycle along with his travelling friends.

Me - err..

Bro Azmi - Funny guy...i actually dont really know what he's designation but he often going out to see the clients. Always been picking up by other staffs expecially bro Din.

Farhan - Multimedia guy....he lost his bike few months stolen. Poor him...neverthless he's a nice guy..often go back late.

Nyzam - Head of unit dept. He is the closest to me. Funny guy...always got tease bout gettin married. A transformer fan just like me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No task means boring

Another boring day in the office...all my works done and im left with nothing to do...To keep myself busy, i made few designs just to fill in all the free time i got in my workplace. The wheather today is okay...not too hot. I wish there will be a lots of rain today. I also got a lots of complaints from pso players sayin that the management sucks and corrupted. Well...i always know that the ppl who run the server now are so damn corrupted and thirst for profit.But then again, im not that righteouss GM back when i was on the throne but of coz, they're far worse. But i just listen to their probs...wut more can i do? okay without futher delay...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Workstation

Hi i wanna share the photo's of my personal workstation at home. Since i just moved in, i pick the best room in the house to be my terminal. So here are the pictures.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Payback is a bitch!

I was scrolling down the yahoo and google images to find liverpool logo. I wanna make my own liverpool car sticker using my own design....suddenly i found this jackass pull a sick prank over my beloved liverpool fc here's the payback heh heh heh...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Asura

Project Asura is a small group of musician led by myself and my old pal from my previous group. The two of us together are both singers and composers. Project Asura create better music for our local industry revolve in all kinds of genre, producing quality poetry lyrics and perform experimentation on all kinds of music. At first, we're planning to produce a single. However, there's a few song n lyric request from some established and new artists. So we have to concentrate on making their request first.

Our future plan is to gather a lots of Independence lyricist and composer out there, to join our group and establish their works. Nowadays, all established composer and lyricist have been rip-off a lots of newbies work in order to maintain their place in the industry. By doing this, they are able to maintain their place but killing the new generations artist in the process. Without the new generations, its fear that the local industry will suffer a massvie downfall. But human greed knows no bound. For the reason, we, Project Asura is determine to create a protected group or team to unleash our talents and works to the people without being violated by all of those motherfuckers. Its time to show to the old generation that this era belongs to us and its time for them to lay down their cape and stop play dirty.

Yes we got a lots of new n young composer in the market but they grab their chances to stand where they are now. But not many people are as lucky as them. I know there's fuckin loads of them out there waiting for a chance to change their stars. But their luck and hardship haven't been paid off.

However, the process will take a lots of our blood n guts....sacrifices in order to make things real. Insha Allah, with the support from friends and families, we will give the best and work our ass hard to achieve the dream.

-Project Asura


Lagu : Project Asura
Lirik : zhuan

Bicara tentang kemarahan
Kegagalan mengecewakan
Bicara tentang perjuangan
Ditabir penghayatan
Dilandasan perjalanan....?

Bicara tentang keimanan
Mencoba menghapus keraguan
Bicara satu pertikaian
Memikir Kenisbian
Apakah ada kesudahan...?

Gerayu langkahku yang bertegun
Bertirakatku mencari erti
Sedetik nafasku yang pantas menghirup
Udara ini penuh maknawi

Manifestasi apa yang masih tersembunyi
Melihat dimana khilafnya
Lantas menjadi hilang keberanian diri
keciciran mengapai pelangi

Bicara tentang kemenangan
sedikit untuk diceritakan
Bicara tentang kegagalan
Kisah tak kesudahan
Suatu kisah berpanjangan?

Bicara tentang kematangan
Tuk meluluhkan kenaifan
Bicara tentang kejahilan
Yang membelenggu jiwa
Merintih kesengsaraan

Prahara simfonikan hidupku
Melawan arus dan dugaan ini
Menguatkan langkah ku yang semakin lemah
Demi secebis arti tuk pelajari

Segenggam mimpi sejauh alis matahari
Ku lelah dalam amarah ini
Hempaskan saja beban ini dari pundak ku
Jika kuturutkan kata hati ku ini
Tetap gencar menahan pedihnya
Tetap terus menyusun langkah semula

Bicara tentang kematian....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Global warming or Glabol warning? arghhh so hot lately....the weather really hydrate all the waters in my body...not even dat...i also got headache coz of the heat. And this will continue till september. I wish there's a heavy rain twice a week or everyday if possible. I love rain kekekeke.... 2 aircond in my house also doesnt effect much. Still can sleep in the minimum tempreature without wearing shirt. Normally...i would've freeze to death but now...i can sleep At office? okay...u know that ants breathe rite? yea dats it.....ants breathe are stronger than the office aircond. Everyday im bathing my own sweat...arghh!!!....lucky they pay me 'enuff'. Otherwise i rather work in 7-11 cooler!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cab Driver oh Cab Driver!!!

"bunch of jackass are on the run"

I dunno why but i often or maybe fated, to get a workplace which hard for any public transportation to come by except this 1 type of public transportation or should i call it an abomination on the road called taxi.

Since my lil bro often borrowing my bike to go to UITM, i got no choice than to take a cab. Ahhh wtf, my house is just 10 minutes away from my workplace (this aint by foot of course). So i prefer taking a cab. So there i was waiting for a cab and managed to stop this 1 cab. After telling the cab driver the location of the office, the driver simply ask me RM10 for a ride. WTF??? RM10 for a distance not more than 10 minutes? just for the sake of hard to get a passanger back from the place. Hallo macha...are u fucking kiddin me? RM10 bucks u can go fuck yourself!!!. Next cab...this old malay guy with kopiah...looks 'alim' enuff. Another RM10??? His reason was coz its nearby and the fare isnt worth it. Ok motherfucker....if u wanna get rich by driving a cab, i suggest u go fuck yourself.

After 30 minutes, 8 cab passed by with the same reason. All drivers are malays and indians. Then came this cab...the driver was and old chinese...i think around 60 years. After i told him my location, without asking further....he drove me straight to the place. I wonder why this old man can do things without too many excuses while other people cant? its all bout honesty.

Chinese taxi driver however...well i havent experienced anything bad so far so kudos. As far as i know, mostly malay and indian taxi drivers are scums, bloodsuckers and choosy. They even rigged the fare meter to gain extra money. When they charge the fare high, normally they will give excuse 'coz of price increased'. Well motherfuckers, u are using gas, not petrol. Yet u still whining...pathetic n bloodsucker.

The image of malaysian taxi is still the same....bad and ruined just like before and will forever remain bad.


Jam dah kol 7....adess...penat....keje tak banyak pon....aircond rosak punya pasal...berpeluh je la sepanjang ari. Hari ni ako plan nak beli barang sket. Internet lum leh on. Ako ada CD Dekaron ngan Shaiya....shaiya tu takyah la...sohai game. Adoii Fallout 3 pon lum abis main.

Malam sket ako nak jogging keliling area perumahan. Pastu lepak taman main gitar sambil isap rokok. Nasib taman dekat ngan pondok sekuriti....takde la risau kalo pontianak tiba2 rekues lagu.

Sambar DVD2 movie terbaru ni pon cun gak ni. Lama dah tak layan DVD...aritu beli Queen of langkasuka....adess citer takleh bla. Sejak ako quit online gaming ni...ako rasa selain dari buat muzik ngan melukis....ako dah takde apa aktiviti lagi yang tinggal. Kalo game Blade and Soul dah out....besh gak layan.

Ok la..nak solat maghrib...ciao.

PSO private server

Its funny when untill today....i still got sms and pm from the players asking me bout the game. This is so irritating since i've already inform everyone dozenz of time that im not involved in handling or managing the server.

Or maybe got ppl said im the one who's running the server? now that's just pathetic. Goosh i really dont wanna get involved with those idiots who really need to grow up. I dont see profession as GM convince me enuff to make a life's career out of it. For some people who still havent grow up, and love hacking here and there just to show to other ppl that they got dick as size of a peanut,...they suit the job perfectly well.

Wuteva it happy with my current job which is the real profession that a person should look in life. I think if there's still ppl who point their finger at me sayin that im the one who's responsible running the server, then i guess the only solution is to report bout this private server to CIB management along with the names of those who's running it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No much work at office now. So i just miggle around surfing. Lastnite i was suppose to meet this OITM female singer name Pija. However, she was nowhere to be find as promised. Well...nvm...the meeting can be done in other day. Not wasting any time, me and wandi as usual, proceed making a new songs and its been done. Nice song and very marketable. Cant wait to write the lyric soon.

Today i got a task....making a banner for a birthday event....some kida name aleeya maisarah wanna celebrate her 6 or maybe 7 years old...wuteva i dun care, just do the fucking job. Some old friends pm me when im online at my msn. Its good to see some old faces around.

Well...gotto continue work now...chiao

Last Secret online magazine layout.

Run right into hell and back....

Its already been a month since i left CIB. Not only left the company, i also moved from Subang to a new place in selayang area with new job as Head of Creative Dept. Alhamdulillah everything's working according the my plan...although i dont even know what my plan is but hey...its just a figure of speech.

I dont deny that i miss the good times back when i was a GM. It've been great and fun. Thanks for all the players and friends who have been supporting the game. Even im no longer a GM, a lots of players still address me as GM. Maybe they get used to calling me by that name. There's a lots of sweet memories. Now i not even play any online games anymore. I regret that i failed to return back players item back in PSO. But guess i have to live with it.

This is funny...i got this offer from a new game publishing company as Supervisor or Senior GM....however, i haven't decide yet whether to take the offer or maintain my current position. Being a GM is surely fun and challanging. I admit it i do intrested to work as a GM. If i being assign to any fun or joyable game, and good offer...sure as hell i will take it.

Im concentrating on music and design now and looking forward to make it in the industry soon insha Allah. As for now...i wanna sleep....zzzz..zzz..zzzzzz

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Final Destination?

After all said and done....i decided to resign from CIB Net Station. I think i should've been doing this after FWO got closed coz at that time, i feel that my presence in the company is no longer needed but i've promise to help the players...buld back the world we had lost in Secret Online. Unfortunately...the dream will just be a dream.

I still remember back when FWO got closed down...i have to go down and meet the players. Coz i scared that the company will lose a lots of players. Anyway...its my responsibility as GM towards the players...i attended some meetings with the players...some in Kelantan...terengganu...pahang...melacca....all using my own pocket money. Yet...all hardwork now is no more than just a dust. There's so many events i've plan...there's so many ideas....but i dun have the chance to do it.

I got the feelings that after FWO closed down...i've been pushed to resign. Only that courage n supports from the players keep me going. However, i've come to a junction where i have to choose.....CIB with their arroganess or my future? Got offer as Junior Art Director with twice salary....ok then i go with this one lol! Its not that i no longer care for the players. Its not that im a slave to money coz i got salary offer almost RM3k but with the situation im facing rite now....hell yeah i go with new company lol.

Im touch and sad reading all the emails send by the players to show support to my management. Im in the middle of a dilemma but i've made my descision. I can no longer face all those incompetence hipocrits who only know how to talk but shit in doing their job!.

I wish u all farewell and good luck.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poor Health??

Emm....i just discovered that i have a heart problem. Well...this is sucks coz im still young to face or having this kinda problem. Have i been working too much? i mean with all the stuff im doing...After work...i'll do my illustration or drawing...composing sings n writing not sure if dats too much but the reality is im having a heart problem. Lately its gettin worse. I need to get help from the specialist i think. Death is upon me?....zzzz

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Secret Online articles for PC Gamer March

February issue
I've been given a new task, write a new articles for secret online for PCGamer Magazine which scheduled to be published in this upcoming March. Need to do some research. Currently the game still officially in close beta. There's not much things to tell and to do. Hope i can pull some strings n make it out of it.

Secret Online New Patch in Test and other stuff

new wizard profession

man in black in secret online

Been busy lately with work.Finally, the long awaited new patch arrived. But that was just not it, we need to test it first. Out of my expectations that the process take longer time then i expected. There's so many things need to be tested. So far, the disconnected problem is fixed in the new patch. Almost all quest had been translated in english version. Only some of new NPC that still havent properly translated. Almost all items are ok but some still bug. Quest ok but the direction or arrow function for quest is not working and this need to be fixed. There's also some skill name dats with different names which will create confusion among the players

So far, the game is good to be play. The new patch can be play although there's still alots of bug coz the bigger problem (disconnected) already solved. If we launch the new patch now, then in the same time, doing the fixing from time to time. Players still play the close beta with the disconnected problem. I think they dun mind playing the new patch which i think is 70% better than the close beta.

However, this is up to the management to decide. Im still doing the test server and hopefully, will finish it faster than im schedule to do eventhough dats kinda impossible to do. According to my schedule, the new patch can be launch this month.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journey begins

I be frank...i dont wanna spend the rest of my life being a game master which i dun think a suitable career for me since i got a lots of talents to pursue. I've started doing songs and lyrics with some of my old friends. This time i take it seriously. I wanna make a career out of it and i hope i got enuff talent to make name in this field. I will no longer sacrifice my time or my effort to the game like i used to.

2 songs done on last saturday title 'aku masih' and 'our destiny'. I will post some songs here if i got enuff time to do it. There's a lot more potential ideas n melodies (My Melody) got in my storage that soon will be develope. Enuff gaming for now.

Owh i've been told that the old beta version of secret online is coming out after the CNY. I really hope this will come out soon since the game articles published in a few local game magazine this month n next. If the players found out the game still in close beta, they'll be pissed b leave the game....only to make the game reputation cripple more. The game got a lots of potential but the slow action will destroy it.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Secret Online Flaws


"Secret Online" is a 3D MMORPG developed by Ferry Network. It is set in ancient China during the Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty marks a significant period in the Chinese history. It is not only full of ancient mystery, it is also the one and only dynasty that is deeply involved in technology, martial arts and intriguing sociology and politics. These are the main reasons why the game developers for "Secret Online" chose this theme. Secret Online allows players to be fully immersed into the fighting experiences with the excellent Hr3D game engine. Ferry has provided a flexible system for players to choose their unique items. What's more, with over 200 scenes released during open beta, players can look forward to a never ending series of interesting mob kills and quests completions. It is widely reported by the Chinese games media such as, Popsoft and China Computer World that Secret Online is expected to become the "Chinese WoW".'re talking bout what? ancient china dinasty....Qin Dynasty. Chinese Culture and history is one of the most beautiful and fascinating things in thw world. Now, when we're talking bout ancient china dynasty, martial arts will be the first thing that will come out of our head. Unfortunately, Secret Online who's using Qin Dynasty era as their main storyline, failed to bring out the martail arts in this game. In terms of fighting, Secret Online is just another western barbaric style with swinging sword with no arts at all. However, ths usage of magic is very much dominan in this game. Why must follow World Of Warcraft that's sucks when this game can do a lot better? WOW is just another kids game and why SO must follow all WOW weakness? Why westernize Qin Dynasty in SO when the history itself, eastern style is more beautiful then the western? When the heck is chinese people during Qin Dynasty keep casting spell and curse in battle? Magic is western belief. Magic is for cowards. East got martial arts and we believe in Qi as our primary force that generates the strength of martial arts. Well we can expect magic in WoW coz that game is gay enuff to play with those stuff but sadly, ferrygames copied WoW ridiculus method and put it in secret online.

When i play secret online, i feel like in the move...wut was them name? The Warrior and The Empress? something like dat. The movie stars Donnie Yen and Leon Lai (2 of my fev). But when it comes to our own character skill and melee style, the feel of dat movie totally gone and somehow, i feel in the middle of King Arthur's battle defending the camelot lol.

I wish the developer review back the beautiness of their own culture (ferry games is from china) and do something bout the game. Secret Online is beautiful in every aspect but only lack of martial arts in terms of fighthing style and melee. We want martial arts. Not stupid shit elements from WoW.


Composing, song writing and singing

I've been a graphic desinger and illustrator since 1999 untill now. I've been there done that. Although im now as product leader and game master, i still doing graphic design and illustration as a freelancer. There's one more of my field that i wanna achive successfully. Last time i failed due to my health. Now, im going to try my luck back

Lately i've been setting back my plan to seriously get back to this field and me and few of my old buddy will start workout some ideas. Im planning to publish my songs n writings. There's a lot of things need to be done. But the ideas is there...the talent is there...all that i need is hard work and i'll start concentrating on this field next month.

If i managed to breakthrough the market with my songs, i will resign from CIB and cocentrate on being a composer. Too many talents sometimes make me confuse...dont know which one to pursue. certain to active back in this field. The sooner the better. I will need all the luck i can get.


Lets tighten out unity

I often play crazy shooting online. Its a good game. And it'll be much more exciting when me and almost all CIB staff in the product leader department login CSO...there be hell to pay. So fun and happy playing with them. jackson with his style. Ah boon also...and melissa keep on lauhging everytime she shot at us. Everyone as well...vincent..ah choi and happy playing CSo with friends and i enjoy as well playing with them.

Unfortunately, not all CSO players share the same excitement as us. I often see racism in the game. Its not the game fault. Its the users themself. I dont understand. Its just a game...are the players is not matured enough to realize that unity is much more important than that? Why dont just settle down n enjoy the game. Why must keep on touching bout rascism? I think both side are wrong and shouldnt give bad example to others.

I think race is bullshit. Bruce Lee once said that style (in martial arts) divide people. And i think race divide people. race is just nothing. We're all the same. All human. I think if there's no race, we will not put the difference between one and another. But the truth is...we're no different. Dont let race divide us.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

On the new year night, i made some screenshot events with players ingame but only those who have tuxedo and wedding dress only can join. So here we are...Happy new Year to all.

Old Beta Is coming

This is wut everyone's waiting for. Old beta is coming soon. Prolly next week. So i better get prepare.There's alot of things need to be done expecially to list out players who work hard during the close beta version. Players who managed to get rare items will be returned. Who come to me with a legit screenshots will be granted. The best part in old beta is, all my system will be in order. No more i have to wait for newbies and explain to them one by one and most more FUCKING DISCONNECTED problem!!!!!

Im gonna make a proposal for 1 year running for secret online expecially planning for ingame events. Im pretty sure my players will love it. All the events and plans i got for FWO dat havent been able to fullfilled will be unleashed here. Oh yea i've been given an assistant. Thank god i struggled with FWO last time alone. Now i got junior and the management said to give a good example to them and god knows wut is 'good xample' means from my preception lol.

Anyway...buckle up boys n girls coz alpha test is gonna say bye bye