Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jujurco Team

Ok...this is my design unit team. Its been fun working with them. So far we've done a lots of events mainly for government and semi government.This photo was made for fun...actually the original picture was taken from valkyrie film. I just edit them and put our whole team together.

Sitting from left :

Azam - Really nice guy and a good friend. He is the marketing manager and always did a great job. A faithful husband...hopefully remains forever kah kah kah...Glad his wife got transfered to KL from Terengganu...otherwise he'll be spending his time driving to terengganu every weekends.

Bro Dean@Din - The elder. Earned most of the respect. Good guy and hillarious...most of all picking up on bro asmugi@azmi lolz. His best quotes is "ngantuknyaaaa" almost everyday lolz.

Dzakie - Also nie guy and love karaokeing. One of the marketing manager. Funny but hardworking. Not very close tho but i can tell the guy have a good heart

Standing from left :

Anuar - Marketing assistant. Hillarious guy lol....very friendly. This guy hobby is downloading a lots of movies. Nice guy and good heart.

Jay - He is one of designer in our team. Friendly and nice. He love travelling. Latest, he travel from gombak to tioman with his bicycle along with his travelling friends.

Me - err..

Bro Azmi - Funny guy...i actually dont really know what he's designation but he often going out to see the clients. Always been picking up by other staffs expecially bro Din.

Farhan - Multimedia guy....he lost his bike few months stolen. Poor him...neverthless he's a nice guy..often go back late.

Nyzam - Head of unit dept. He is the closest to me. Funny guy...always got tease bout gettin married. A transformer fan just like me.

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