Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of the most well known ICON in the world, MEGATRON!!

I been to this fellow...a singaporean guy blog. He stated there that our good ol megatron sucks!!! Now why does he suck? I keep askin myself why does he sucks? does he?

Think again...megatron contributed so much as a leader and also as a villain king for the TF universe. Then why is this guy sucks? coz he is the badass? Evil is what he do...not who he is. Lets journey back into the history of cybertron. Megatron was once, a great and respectable leader before he got corrupted by the fallen. In other words, megatron kick ass while optimus prime aka young orion pax was still sucking his mom's tits at home. No offence prime...i do like u too.

So before u all jump into any conslusion by saying megatron sucks, think again who sacrifice himself in order to prevent unikron from fully awaken? not once but twice!!!. Also who made optimus prime look great if its not coz of him?

Those who do not know the history of TF universe will simply said megatron sucks but those who knew will surely say "All hail lord megatron!!"

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