Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journey begins

I be frank...i dont wanna spend the rest of my life being a game master which i dun think a suitable career for me since i got a lots of talents to pursue. I've started doing songs and lyrics with some of my old friends. This time i take it seriously. I wanna make a career out of it and i hope i got enuff talent to make name in this field. I will no longer sacrifice my time or my effort to the game like i used to.

2 songs done on last saturday title 'aku masih' and 'our destiny'. I will post some songs here if i got enuff time to do it. There's a lot more potential ideas n melodies (My Melody) got in my storage that soon will be develope. Enuff gaming for now.

Owh i've been told that the old beta version of secret online is coming out after the CNY. I really hope this will come out soon since the game articles published in a few local game magazine this month n next. If the players found out the game still in close beta, they'll be pissed b leave the game....only to make the game reputation cripple more. The game got a lots of potential but the slow action will destroy it.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Secret Online Flaws


"Secret Online" is a 3D MMORPG developed by Ferry Network. It is set in ancient China during the Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty marks a significant period in the Chinese history. It is not only full of ancient mystery, it is also the one and only dynasty that is deeply involved in technology, martial arts and intriguing sociology and politics. These are the main reasons why the game developers for "Secret Online" chose this theme. Secret Online allows players to be fully immersed into the fighting experiences with the excellent Hr3D game engine. Ferry has provided a flexible system for players to choose their unique items. What's more, with over 200 scenes released during open beta, players can look forward to a never ending series of interesting mob kills and quests completions. It is widely reported by the Chinese games media such as, Popsoft and China Computer World that Secret Online is expected to become the "Chinese WoW".'re talking bout what? ancient china dinasty....Qin Dynasty. Chinese Culture and history is one of the most beautiful and fascinating things in thw world. Now, when we're talking bout ancient china dynasty, martial arts will be the first thing that will come out of our head. Unfortunately, Secret Online who's using Qin Dynasty era as their main storyline, failed to bring out the martail arts in this game. In terms of fighting, Secret Online is just another western barbaric style with swinging sword with no arts at all. However, ths usage of magic is very much dominan in this game. Why must follow World Of Warcraft that's sucks when this game can do a lot better? WOW is just another kids game and why SO must follow all WOW weakness? Why westernize Qin Dynasty in SO when the history itself, eastern style is more beautiful then the western? When the heck is chinese people during Qin Dynasty keep casting spell and curse in battle? Magic is western belief. Magic is for cowards. East got martial arts and we believe in Qi as our primary force that generates the strength of martial arts. Well we can expect magic in WoW coz that game is gay enuff to play with those stuff but sadly, ferrygames copied WoW ridiculus method and put it in secret online.

When i play secret online, i feel like in the move...wut was them name? The Warrior and The Empress? something like dat. The movie stars Donnie Yen and Leon Lai (2 of my fev). But when it comes to our own character skill and melee style, the feel of dat movie totally gone and somehow, i feel in the middle of King Arthur's battle defending the camelot lol.

I wish the developer review back the beautiness of their own culture (ferry games is from china) and do something bout the game. Secret Online is beautiful in every aspect but only lack of martial arts in terms of fighthing style and melee. We want martial arts. Not stupid shit elements from WoW.


Composing, song writing and singing

I've been a graphic desinger and illustrator since 1999 untill now. I've been there done that. Although im now as product leader and game master, i still doing graphic design and illustration as a freelancer. There's one more of my field that i wanna achive successfully. Last time i failed due to my health. Now, im going to try my luck back

Lately i've been setting back my plan to seriously get back to this field and me and few of my old buddy will start workout some ideas. Im planning to publish my songs n writings. There's a lot of things need to be done. But the ideas is there...the talent is there...all that i need is hard work and i'll start concentrating on this field next month.

If i managed to breakthrough the market with my songs, i will resign from CIB and cocentrate on being a composer. Too many talents sometimes make me confuse...dont know which one to pursue. certain to active back in this field. The sooner the better. I will need all the luck i can get.


Lets tighten out unity

I often play crazy shooting online. Its a good game. And it'll be much more exciting when me and almost all CIB staff in the product leader department login CSO...there be hell to pay. So fun and happy playing with them. jackson with his style. Ah boon also...and melissa keep on lauhging everytime she shot at us. Everyone as well...vincent..ah choi and happy playing CSo with friends and i enjoy as well playing with them.

Unfortunately, not all CSO players share the same excitement as us. I often see racism in the game. Its not the game fault. Its the users themself. I dont understand. Its just a game...are the players is not matured enough to realize that unity is much more important than that? Why dont just settle down n enjoy the game. Why must keep on touching bout rascism? I think both side are wrong and shouldnt give bad example to others.

I think race is bullshit. Bruce Lee once said that style (in martial arts) divide people. And i think race divide people. race is just nothing. We're all the same. All human. I think if there's no race, we will not put the difference between one and another. But the truth is...we're no different. Dont let race divide us.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

On the new year night, i made some screenshot events with players ingame but only those who have tuxedo and wedding dress only can join. So here we are...Happy new Year to all.

Old Beta Is coming

This is wut everyone's waiting for. Old beta is coming soon. Prolly next week. So i better get prepare.There's alot of things need to be done expecially to list out players who work hard during the close beta version. Players who managed to get rare items will be returned. Who come to me with a legit screenshots will be granted. The best part in old beta is, all my system will be in order. No more i have to wait for newbies and explain to them one by one and most more FUCKING DISCONNECTED problem!!!!!

Im gonna make a proposal for 1 year running for secret online expecially planning for ingame events. Im pretty sure my players will love it. All the events and plans i got for FWO dat havent been able to fullfilled will be unleashed here. Oh yea i've been given an assistant. Thank god i struggled with FWO last time alone. Now i got junior and the management said to give a good example to them and god knows wut is 'good xample' means from my preception lol.

Anyway...buckle up boys n girls coz alpha test is gonna say bye bye