Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Run right into hell and back....

Its already been a month since i left CIB. Not only left the company, i also moved from Subang to a new place in selayang area with new job as Head of Creative Dept. Alhamdulillah everything's working according the my plan...although i dont even know what my plan is but hey...its just a figure of speech.

I dont deny that i miss the good times back when i was a GM. It've been great and fun. Thanks for all the players and friends who have been supporting the game. Even im no longer a GM, a lots of players still address me as GM. Maybe they get used to calling me by that name. There's a lots of sweet memories. Now i not even play any online games anymore. I regret that i failed to return back players item back in PSO. But guess i have to live with it.

This is funny...i got this offer from a new game publishing company as Supervisor or Senior GM....however, i haven't decide yet whether to take the offer or maintain my current position. Being a GM is surely fun and challanging. I admit it i do intrested to work as a GM. If i being assign to any fun or joyable game, and good offer...sure as hell i will take it.

Im concentrating on music and design now and looking forward to make it in the industry soon insha Allah. As for now...i wanna sleep....zzzz..zzz..zzzzzz

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