Monday, September 29, 2008

Canceling The Hari Raya Leave

Im needed and there's a lot of players who need my help. Left me no choice than to cancel my Hari Raya leave. I can set well enjoying raya while my players having difficulties. im trying to do wuts best although my effort will not be appreciated in the end of the day. But dats how it goes...keep moving forward...


A Noob Who Failed

Before i went home, i login pso just to ease my mind but suddenly, got GB with some players who want to take my LI. I love being the attention. When face with GB situation, pots is the only way to stay alive but i dun understand why ppl mocking when other players use pot. They expect us to sit around and, hey come n hit me, i will give myself up just like dat. Lolz...this Meho and skyLighT so noob. And for their foolish mockery towards the god of pso, i take away their soul. When i ask them if they would dare face me 1 by 1, beat me in a fair duel, i will give the Li to them but instead, they cowering and depending on Gb only lolz. so noob ass


An email from the developer (PGS)

Im happy to received emails from Mr Kenneth from PGS. We meet earlier in a meeting early september. Cool guy and profesional as well. After the meeting i send him an email to express gratitude and thank for the game they created. I've been wanting to contact the developer long ago and finally i managed to.

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:31 PM

Subject: RE: A Big Appreciation

Dear Zhuan

I met a lot of people in the meeting with CiB so I wouldn’t admit I do remember all of your names or faces. I would guess you are the one who presented on the hacking case. It’s sad that such unfortunate event had happened to the game and looked to be destroying the game. Please do not belittle yourself. If you are not important and contributing to CiB, you will not be there. Thank you for your encouraging message. It made my day. I have forwarded your message to other key developers of FWO/PSO so that they know their years of efforts have been appreciated. However, I cannot guarantee that the game will run forever due to legal and contractual obligations. I do hope you and the hard-core fans could understand that.

Best regards



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 2:31 PM
Subject: RE: A Big Appreciation

Dear Zhuan

We are glad to hear our product has managed to touch the lives of some people. I am sure that would give the team great confidence moving forward and we hope to make more kick-ass games in the future.




----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 11:36 AM
Subject: FWO

Dear Zhuan
I am Lee Mei, the head of Phoenix Games.
I read your email to Kenneth. I am very touched by what you wrote. I trully appreciate the FWO community's and your support of the game. I am lost of words to say to you. Just "thank you very much".
Lee Mei


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: FWO

Dear Zhuan
I have to thank you to take the time writing to us. Your email make me feel that our blood, sweat and tears over the years of developing FWO is worth it! Its me who should thank the FWO community who supports us through thick and thin. I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to forward your email to Ms Ronnie Ma (the sister of Mr Ma Wing Shing, author of Fung Wan). I want her to know that Mr Ma's comics not only bring his readers joy but also let the game players enjoy the world of Fung Wan. She will definitely let Mr Ma know this. I will bring this up to her again if I have a chance to meet her/and Mr Ma in Hong Kong next month.
Thank you once again. Also, I admire your guts in switching of career! :)
Lee Mei

Phoenix Games Station...from the bottom of my heart, i would like to express gratitude and wish PGS all the best. I represent PSO community will always support PGS.

p/s: perhaps to see PGS latest new game one day? ^_^

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its a sunny day? oh god...

Its monday morning. I still not feeling well. Goosh...there's a tons of work in the office. Raya is just around the corner and there's alot of preparation to do. And i god damn sick. Nevertheless, i thank the Almighty Allah S.W.T. At least i still got enuff strength to walk and go to the office. There's alot of players who's ineed of my help. Im trying to be the best role model for them but im who iam. I dont want to pretend to be something im not. And who iam? Iam the bad ass trash talking S.O.B and mr loud mouth bastard.


Aidilfitri tanpa mu

Kali ni masuk la hari raya ke 2 tanpa arwah guru ako, Allahyarham YBhg. Dato Ustaz Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak yang telah pun kembali keRahmatullah pada 16 feb 2007. Ako mengambil kesempatan pada bulan yang mulia ni untuk mendoakan beliau berserta seisi keluarga beliau supaya sentiasa dirahmati Allah S.W.T. Amin. Aku masih ingat pesan ustaz sebelum dia 'pergi', masa tu harijadi dia pada 14hb feb kat kolam pancing SQ Global milik beliau. Insha Allah ako akan laksanakan semampu yang boleh. Heran...hari sebelum beliau pergi, kitorang lepak2 sambil borak2...ustaz panggil ako mak lampir sebab rambut panjang...kakakaka...tak sangka gelak2 malam tu adalah malah yg terakhir kami bersama. Beliau yang nampak sihat...relek ja..sentiasa rock...tau2 pergi mengejut pagi esuknya. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas Roh beliau.

dari kiri : Bro komek(bro angkat ako dari Sabah), Ustaz, Syawal & Alip
yang tgh duduk : syukur & aku


Missing My Yahoo Room

There's been almost 2 week i havent login to yahoo room nor paltalk. I miss my friends there. My health also not good plus too busy with work. So i didnt get the chance to hangout with them. I joined yahoo messenger since 1999. Start active in room around 2003. We have a community there where we spent out time singing in the voice chat. Singing n playing guitar mostly. Since i resigned as Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd recording artist, Yahoo and paltalk is the only place i got to keep singing. Other wedding ceremony? oh yeah im a wedding singer lolz. Also at a special function... Yahoo messenger as well as pso is part of my life now. Back then, yahoo room were divided into 2 categories, yahoo room (standart rooms) and user rooms (customize room where we can create our own room). There was a lot of sweet memories and the good old days will not be forgotten. Coz of there's too many booters, yahoo messenger disable the user room....sadly. Our community was broken and we scattered in the worldwide yahoo standart rooms. However, the name zhuan...or expecially 'lion' is very well known in a singing room in yahoo. If in paltalk singing room, the name galasura is also well known to those chatters. And by the way, i prefer login yahoo room using yahelite. yahelite is as same as yahoo messenger but more secured than yahoo messenger.

I once frustrated by the malay yahoo chatters attitude who loves to mock n boot people while singing. So i hangout in indonesia room and they welcome me greatly. I hangout with them almost 3 years till now and i got a lots of indonesian people....well...i learn how to speak indonesian as well heh heh. Now back to malaysian room. Currently my place is at Malaysia 1 room. Sometimes to prevent booters, our community create a yahoo conference. There we spent time singing n chattin. Thank you yahoo messenger. Our community lives on. If can, i would like to write all their names but its too many. Selamat Hari raya to all my yahoo messenger friends. I love you all.


PSO Update

Lately, im back ingame doing some simple event. I feel great workload is kinda distance me from the game and the players but now it almost over and i'll be back on track. Players are hunger....hunger for the fun event. Im going to proceed with exciting events starting next month. The players concurrent is getting increase. Im not sure whether the server can support or not. But this is a good oppurtunity to ask the management to upgrade the server.Concurrent rise means more profit. More profit means more development.

Next month is gonna be The License to Kill event and The Lord Of War 2008 tournament event. The management suggest we do this outdoor but im not fully confidence to do an outdoor event just yet. Time will come for dat. Im thinking of doing some event for the upcoming hari raya aidilfitri but i still havent got any ideas yet. We'll see how.


Saturday, September 27, 2008


Body weak....tempreature rising, coughing....sneezing....haizzz....looks like im gonna be sick again. Oh well...lucky tomorrow is off day. I can rest my restless body and take some medicine. According to my schedule, im suppose to continue my drawing and also design FWO t-shirt and few simple merchandise. Looks like i got no rest at all...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The missuse of talent n ability given by God

Salamz all

Its been 3 months plus since i took over as the FWO newest and hottest GM and product leader lol. There's up and down and too many shit happened but working hard is the thing that i never stop doing. Now i wanna talk bout hacker.

Now this kid...this local kid. I dunno wussup with him. His folks send him to learn some pretty cool shit and he use his knowledge and ability to ruin other people. i dun understand whether his mother drop him while he was a baby and he got mentally retarded or its kinda proud for him ruining other people? I heard this young whippersnapper went to the mosque for solat terawih and go home start hacking and selling hacked item which is "haram" in Islam, to other people. I dun understand how come he got the guts to do the ibadah and then do the sins afterwards? is mixing between sins n pahala is wut nowadays young ppl do?

If these people got problem with me and want to settle the issues like a man. I hardly find any difficulties in doing dat. 1 by a fair fight. What i dont undestand is, why trying to ruin other people? this game is a community and by ruining the profit of this game, will inflict major damage and without profit, how are we going to pay our developer their royalty and our company expense? CIB working hard with the staff to keep this game running. FWO game developer giving their sweat and tears of hardwork to create this awesome game. Players invest a lot of their monies for the game. For someone who have talent in hacking, should got more than enough brains to think this out. Why must other people got dragged along if the conflict is with me? just hack my personal stuff god damn it and leave other people expecially my players and the game alone.

Iam a GM and as a GM...i will do wuteva it takes to put out those who creating trouble ingame. That's one of my primary objective. Only people who break the law who will hate me. In upholding the law, i will not hesitate to punish no matter friends or not friends. I can be lenient as long as they stop doing all the bad shit they did. For now, Lucifer Dictator keep on moving forward.


A beautiful Design

This is beautiful. I love the design. This design is regarding the hold Ramadhan made by a muslim designer (not malaysian). Actually the calligraph dat make the design strong. There's a lot more design this guy have and they're all impreessive. I wish i can do the calligraph like dat but sadly, my specialty is more into figure illustration.


Human play god

"How is technology challenging the perception that death is a moment?

Nowadays, we have technology that's improved so that we can bring people back to life. In fact, there are drugs being developed right now - who knows if they'll ever make it to the market - that may actually slow down the process of brain-cell injury and death. Imagine you fast-forward to 10 years down the line; and you've given a patient, whose heart has just stopped, this amazing drug; and actually what it does is, it slows everything down so that the things that would've happened over an hour, now happen over two days. As medicine progresses, we will end up with lots and lots of ethical questions.

But what is happening to the individual at that time? What's really going on? Because there is a lack of blood flow, the cells go into a kind of a frenzy to keep themselves alive. And within about 5 min. or so they start to damage or change. After an hour or so the damage is so great that even if we restart the heart again and pump blood, the person can no longer be viable, because the cells have just been changed too much. And then the cells continue to change so that within a couple of days the body actually decomposes. So it's not a moment; it's a process that actually begins when the heart stops and culminates in the complete loss of the body, the decompositions of all the cells. However, ultimately what matters is, What's going on to a person's mind? What happens to the human mind and consciousness during death? Does that cease immediately as soon as the heart stops? Does it cease activity within the first 2 sec., the first 2 min.? Because we know that cells are continuously changing at that time. Does it stop after 10 min., after half an hour, after an hour? And at this point we don't know."


I dont understand wuts wrong with these people. Doctors are suppose to save life. Not bring the dead back to life. This is a play god. Humans are trying to deny the existence of god by doing the impossible. Humans forgot that they're servants. Humans try to deny the existence of god is because they're afraid of the judgement day.

Another Workload

I've finished with the game monthly profit since 2006-2008. I think dats it. But unfortunately, there's more to come. Im needed to come up with the total monthly profit of the game from 2003 to 2005. At the moment, i dont know where to dig the info. I already told my technician, victor, to check the info in the database bout found nothing. Haizzz....i wonder where the info is. Last time i heard, there's no gudang since 2003 to 2004/5. Last time people have to pay about RM40 or RM50 a month for the game. I think dats the calculation the management wants.

p/s: okay the picture is just for not an office freak with ties and im definetly, not a short hair faggot.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Too many workload

Today, i've finished all my report. I check em out, make sure there's no mistake and email them to my superior. Everything's going to be just fine. I was ready to login my GM id and help out player but suddenly, the management need me to finish the FWO monthly profit for 2005-2008. Goosh...i thought there wasnt any dateline on the first place. I've made an appointment with the players. I think spending time on office workload is not a very wise move. Players who's having problem need my assistant. Solving players problem is also important. What's the use of a GM/produt leader spending too much time doing a never ending planning, report here and there while the players are in difficulties. According to my original schedule, firstly when i come the the office, i will sort out;

1 - emails
2 - forum
3 - office workload.
4 - login GM's YM ID.

Office workload is also important. I hope after finishing all the month profit, i be able to sit down and get in touch with the players.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Munafiq Di Bulan Ramadhan

Korang penah dengar tak pasal munafiq dibulan ramadhan? durang ni rajin kuar time bulan2 pose ja. Contohnye. Bila bulan puasa, ramai la hantar kata2 hikmah yang suruh beribadah lebih la bulan puasa ni. Suruh itu la ini la semuanya baik2 belaka la. Bila ditanya, kenapa bulan2 lain tak lak hantar peringatan sume ni? Durang cakap bulan ramadhan bulan yang mulia, jadi kena beramal lebih sebab Allah akan kasi kita pahala yang berlipat kali ganda. Ohooo patut la...ako dah paham dah....kita kena beramal sebab nak dapatkan pahala yang lebih. Jadi kita beramal sebab nak pahala. Bukan sebab Allah S.W.T. Allah janjikan kita pahala kalo kita sembah Nya. Ader ke Allah suruh kita sembah Dia kerana pahlaNya? Bila ako tanya ni kat durang, sume senyap. Bulan lain Allah tak kasi pahala berlipat ganda, so kita beramal pon sederhana la camtu yea? Kalo betul nak ingat mengingatkan, jgn kita ramadhan je kan...bulan lain sume sekali lolz. Takkan kita beribadah sebab pahala berlipat ganda.

Sebenarnya, pahala berlipat ganda tu mmg Allah sediakan utk hambaNya yg dtg sembah Dia kerana Dia adalah Tuhan. Yang beramal tak kita bulan pose ke tidak ke....tetap beramal tanpa pikirkan, pahala dapat ke tak dapat ke, aku nak sembah Allah. Pahala takde pon takpe janji ako nak sembah Allah. Orang2 yang mcm tu yg dapat. Bukannya ooo...pahala berlipat ganda....jum kita solat!!...lolz....


Sunday is off day heh heh heh

Well...still some of the players message me at my personal id and ask me to deal with their problem. I cant believe some of them were actually ask me to work 7 days a week at 24 hours. So i dont have to sleep, rest and go other things. Im starting to delete some of them from my list. No point keeping people who ignore to respect my privacy.

Today my plan is to do some sketches and drawings. Once done. Im going to do a new songs....writing lyrics as usual. The Edifulfitri is getting close which is sad coz to me, the ramadhan is all that matters than raya. But for most young muslim people nowadays, i see they already anxious bout the raya event on the first of ramadhan. All they care about is raya. No wonder they never care much bout fasting. Only veterans muslims care bout the ramadhan. Why we see some people cry on the first syawal? its not becoz of raya but its becoz of ramadhan is leaving us. There's nothing left in raya afterwards. Syawal means nothing to me...and im gonna cry for you ramadhan. Coz i dunno whether i be able to see u again or not. And u are teaching me to be good for the rest of the month and im trying my best.


Remember where we came from

Few days ago, my mom fell in her house while sweeping the leafes in the garage. She's having a hardtime to walk now. I rushed back home to help send her to the nearby clinic but i think, she need to be massage properly. Suddenly, i realized that my mon's gettin old. Iam getting old as well. Now im not a do-goody type of son but im just doing wuts right and responsibility as son. How 1 mother can take care of so many children where they're young but after all grow up, they can event take care of 1 mother. We're gettin old and so does our mother. Their time is not long in this world and we shouldnt forget where we came from. One day, our parents will be gone and we'll take their place. Will we be able to see them again once we gone and move to the otherside or life? Once life's end, we'll begin a new life with a new journey. So no matter how rock and rool we are, or how bad ass, we should learn to value things dat doesnt last.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Another mathematical day

Today activity not much. Same as usual. Im doing as fast as i can to finish the PSO profit summary from 2006-2008. Cant make mistake in doing the calculation. Concentration is needed. So far i've finished the whole 2006 calculation. I dont want to let michael (CIB sales manager) down. He, Justin and Bryan has been helping me much expecially Justin is a very good friend. Also victor, the technician guy help with the server and blocked the gudang hack url. Anyway. Doing the calculation is taking a lot of my time. So i dont have the chance to get onlin at my yahoo messenger main id to assist players help but i hope they can wait their turn.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gratitude to all

Its been more than 3 months now since i took over as the new GM. Cruel, evil and bad ass. I just want to say thank you for everyone who supported me expecially my mentor ang....also acap, dinee, peter, assassins team, lords and others. There's ppl who support and there some who hate me. All the banning, punishement....suspended or deleted...i wish i dont have to do dat but i did wut i have to do. cheers


As a GM and Designer for PSO.

The management is somehow, happy and love my designing talent (been a graphic designer since 1999, with such experience, its gonna be pathetic if they're gonna hate my work, and give me full permission to do the design for pso and marketing strategy. So i use all my experience/expertise working in advertising company to create an great design for the game.

Pso is going out in PC Gamer Magazine (a famous local game magazine). And the best part is, they will let me do the design and article as well. This is also another great oppurtunity to polish my talent. As a song writer, i dun have problem writing something beautiful but i never tried that talent into copywriting. Well, if i can write a storyline back when i was a comic illustrator, should be much problem is doing the copywriting (i hope :P). PSO get 1 page in PC Gamers. I already got an idea of wut topic i wanna write. Hope my piece will be nice.


Another Tiring Day

Nothing much today... Just continue doing the PSO profit summary from 2006-2008. Damn. But our developer need to seem them. So no matter how hard it is, i just do it. The developer is back. The negotiation was successful. All that we need to do is giving them what they want. PGS deserve what they demand. So we just giving back what's theirs. The profit summary also will include with the proposal i made and will be sent to the developer once its done.

Im gonna be so damn busy this month. Well the other month i also god damn busy but for this month, im so god damn mega super busy. This is a big oppurtunity for me to succeed what the previous GM has work hard to achieve. Considered, i continue their efforts. There's so many obstacle since i became the new GM but although with lack of knowledge and everything, i somehow prevail in bringing this game back up. However, that's is not my goal. My goal is to bring back the glory of this game above the rest. To make this game glorious and to bring the players a better world of FWO. The have supported the game since the old ages and they deserve to have more of just 1.3 version. No matter how many people try to ruin my hard work, i sware i will gain advance and keep on moving forward. i work this hard so far and i refuse to throw the towel in.

As everyone know, the 2.0 version is the future of the game. All our hope and dreams lies in the proposal i made. Im also planning to change to website design into more up to date and effective design to attract new and old player to play the game. With the players wishing me luck, i will try hard not to let them down.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Its not because of hate

i got an unexpected call from the love of my life.... I wish she never called me. I wish i dun have to listen to her voice ever again. But thing's not work out as i expected.

The moment i hear her voice, its like my heart is going to heart pounding hard and fast and im speechless. All that im wanna do at the moment is grab her and hold her tight, telling her how much i miss her. Buts its all in my head....i quickly end the conversation. Dont want her to know how i feel inside. Its not becoz i hate her. But its becoz i love her. I love her so damn much it hurts. Im crazily in love with her. The more i try to forget bout her, the more her smile n laughter playing in my head. Oh god please give me strength to carry on with wut left in me. Im losing my mind and im losing myself. I work twice hard to keep myself busy so that i can forget but the feelings keep attach more and more.

im drifting away and sinking....


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FWO new Promotional Poster

GM Poster

Players Poster


I do need some time for myself

To all FWO players,

Some players do have my personal yahoo id and msn id. Usually, i will on my personal id's whenever i got tons of workload in the office or off day at home. Its important for those who's having my personal id to know that there's a reason why i online using my personal id. I hope players i add in my personal ID will stop pm me for help or anything regarding the game except if its for fun discussion. Some players look for me at my personal id and ask for help even in sunday and when im off duty. This is kinda invading my privacy. Unless if the case really2 important such as server hacking or gudang hacking or the end of the world in pso. if not, please take me as a normal chatter in ur yahoo list Rolling Eyes

There's a player focing me to go to the office while im resting at home on sunday. He expect me to drive 1 hour to my office, pay my own gas, pay the tols which almost RM10 and another 1 hour drive home lolz. such a waste of time n money. Im not working 7 days a week and not 24 hours a day. Terminator and robocop processor also can fried up working 24hours a day n 7 days a week, not to mention normal human lolz. Its important for me to have enuff rest (which im hard get) in order to do my job. A sick GM is as good as dead.


Staring at your window with the suitcase in my hand

Some people say that love is like a beautiful flower. Pretty but dont last. Well...its ok cuz in this world we live in, nothing's last. Some people give everything in the name of love....some people love untill their last breath. Can there be a faithful heart? Maybe.....maybe 1 in 10. Nice average but its a laughing stock for those who choose to believe otherwise. But i look inside and see, there's heart that has been given and cannot be taken back. Souls is not ours to give. When we defy the rules, we're vulnerable to risk. Its a gambling whether u lose or win, u just place your bet and roll the dice. Failure is fatal. Souls and heart are not something to be given freely as we like. But that's just life. We just do our best although not all of us born with a lucky charm. Once in love, will be forever in love and its an eternal damnation. In the end, the only road left is to follow a lone pathway. Love is not built for everyone. Some of us realize that and accept the fate. Living as a loner is not such a bad at all. Look at the bright side. At least the only thing u need to worry is the old wound that's still bleeding inside with fresh blood pouring each day. In the end of the day, just light your ciggarette, open your pso client, login your access, hangout in fishing village rooftop while playing guitar. Who knows, might catch some skullies with LI.