Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journey begins

I be frank...i dont wanna spend the rest of my life being a game master which i dun think a suitable career for me since i got a lots of talents to pursue. I've started doing songs and lyrics with some of my old friends. This time i take it seriously. I wanna make a career out of it and i hope i got enuff talent to make name in this field. I will no longer sacrifice my time or my effort to the game like i used to.

2 songs done on last saturday title 'aku masih' and 'our destiny'. I will post some songs here if i got enuff time to do it. There's a lot more potential ideas n melodies (My Melody) got in my storage that soon will be develope. Enuff gaming for now.

Owh i've been told that the old beta version of secret online is coming out after the CNY. I really hope this will come out soon since the game articles published in a few local game magazine this month n next. If the players found out the game still in close beta, they'll be pissed b leave the game....only to make the game reputation cripple more. The game got a lots of potential but the slow action will destroy it.


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