Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan story


Emm...alhamdulillah...after a year passed still living n breathing to celebrate Ramadhan. 2 days fasting now...goosh time passed by dat face nowadays huh? well nothing last. As usual Ramadhan will go and leave us with sweet memories and lots of love (depends on people).

Well the story goes...err...2 days fasting and hari raya song already been play here n there? Kejadah dah tak sabo nak beraya ka?? kah kah kah...isnt it ramadhan that bring the special feelings. Hari raya is a farewell party for Ramadhan actually and the feeling of sadness is eventually inveitable. Aku rasa bulan ramadhan ni patutnya org islam kena pk lebih utk beramal or menjaga amal ibadah atau perbanyakkan lagi instead of thinking more of nak beraya sakan.

No wonder muslim kat negara ni ada worse attitude. Mana durang peduli sangat pasal ramadhan. tau nak beraya ja. Ako penah nampak banyak kali org islam kita balik dari opis drive mcm hantu kubur. Honk here n there just to show ppl that they're already late to buy the juadah for breakfasting. Not to mention curse people here and there while driving recklessly. I wonder if these wut the learned from ramadhan. No wonder they only know raya raya raya only

Oh berebut parking kat pasar juadah pon mau gadoh?? astagfirullah....Ramadhan suppose to teach muslims love between humans but instead...hatred just becoz of a stupid parking lot. No patience, love, tawakkal redha....only hatred n anger....all they know is raya raya raya...

Betul kata org org islam di bulan ramadhan pada hari ini...cuma puasa ja...benda2 lain tak jaga. That's why mostly people will back to jadi setan after ramadhan....righteouss time bulan ramadhan ja...tu pon ramai yg tak kah kah kah. Sometimes make me wonder are we a true servants or just a 2 face hipocrits? well to be such an ass too. May this events be a reminder to me as well. Perhaps we can be a better person if we truly do something without asking or hoping for something in return or maybe...just maybe sincerity and conscience are hard to come by?

May this ramadhan teach us to be a better person and servant. Amin.

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