Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cab Driver oh Cab Driver!!!

"bunch of jackass are on the run"

I dunno why but i often or maybe fated, to get a workplace which hard for any public transportation to come by except this 1 type of public transportation or should i call it an abomination on the road called taxi.

Since my lil bro often borrowing my bike to go to UITM, i got no choice than to take a cab. Ahhh wtf, my house is just 10 minutes away from my workplace (this aint by foot of course). So i prefer taking a cab. So there i was waiting for a cab and managed to stop this 1 cab. After telling the cab driver the location of the office, the driver simply ask me RM10 for a ride. WTF??? RM10 for a distance not more than 10 minutes? just for the sake of hard to get a passanger back from the place. Hallo macha...are u fucking kiddin me? RM10 bucks u can go fuck yourself!!!. Next cab...this old malay guy with kopiah...looks 'alim' enuff. Another RM10??? His reason was coz its nearby and the fare isnt worth it. Ok motherfucker....if u wanna get rich by driving a cab, i suggest u go fuck yourself.

After 30 minutes, 8 cab passed by with the same reason. All drivers are malays and indians. Then came this cab...the driver was and old chinese...i think around 60 years. After i told him my location, without asking further....he drove me straight to the place. I wonder why this old man can do things without too many excuses while other people cant? its all bout honesty.

Chinese taxi driver however...well i havent experienced anything bad so far so kudos. As far as i know, mostly malay and indian taxi drivers are scums, bloodsuckers and choosy. They even rigged the fare meter to gain extra money. When they charge the fare high, normally they will give excuse 'coz of price increased'. Well motherfuckers, u are using gas, not petrol. Yet u still whining...pathetic n bloodsucker.

The image of malaysian taxi is still the same....bad and ruined just like before and will forever remain bad.

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