Friday, December 24, 2010

A New Beginning

Its been awhile since i last wrote anything in my blog, which im about to start back writing all my bullshits in here. Its not that i bother whether people will read it or not but i take my blog as a diary for me. Life is still pretty much the same. Only my age is getting 1 step further as always. Not much chances. Life is good, hard and pathetic but that's just how life works. But im a serious transformers collector now and my photo editing skill has grown. Im going to post all of them here and update anything new from now on.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012 or 2020?

2012 is the year of?...

Have u all watch the 2012?...yeah? wutcha all think? sucks or sucks for not watching it? hahahah....if any of ya all ever seen the movie, KLCC is missing from the destrution's the missing scene for the movie.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan story


Emm...alhamdulillah...after a year passed still living n breathing to celebrate Ramadhan. 2 days fasting now...goosh time passed by dat face nowadays huh? well nothing last. As usual Ramadhan will go and leave us with sweet memories and lots of love (depends on people).

Well the story goes...err...2 days fasting and hari raya song already been play here n there? Kejadah dah tak sabo nak beraya ka?? kah kah kah...isnt it ramadhan that bring the special feelings. Hari raya is a farewell party for Ramadhan actually and the feeling of sadness is eventually inveitable. Aku rasa bulan ramadhan ni patutnya org islam kena pk lebih utk beramal or menjaga amal ibadah atau perbanyakkan lagi instead of thinking more of nak beraya sakan.

No wonder muslim kat negara ni ada worse attitude. Mana durang peduli sangat pasal ramadhan. tau nak beraya ja. Ako penah nampak banyak kali org islam kita balik dari opis drive mcm hantu kubur. Honk here n there just to show ppl that they're already late to buy the juadah for breakfasting. Not to mention curse people here and there while driving recklessly. I wonder if these wut the learned from ramadhan. No wonder they only know raya raya raya only

Oh berebut parking kat pasar juadah pon mau gadoh?? astagfirullah....Ramadhan suppose to teach muslims love between humans but instead...hatred just becoz of a stupid parking lot. No patience, love, tawakkal redha....only hatred n anger....all they know is raya raya raya...

Betul kata org org islam di bulan ramadhan pada hari ini...cuma puasa ja...benda2 lain tak jaga. That's why mostly people will back to jadi setan after ramadhan....righteouss time bulan ramadhan ja...tu pon ramai yg tak kah kah kah. Sometimes make me wonder are we a true servants or just a 2 face hipocrits? well to be such an ass too. May this events be a reminder to me as well. Perhaps we can be a better person if we truly do something without asking or hoping for something in return or maybe...just maybe sincerity and conscience are hard to come by?

May this ramadhan teach us to be a better person and servant. Amin.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Layan Jiwang Sekali Sekala

Lagu terbaru dari aku...adess jiwang lak kekekek...

Title : This song is just for you

Aku akan tetap bertahan
Mencintai dirimu hingga keakhir nanti
Meskipun harus ku terima
Kenyataannya ku menyusur hari tanpa dirinya

Walau bertahun bersama
Waktu yang usai sudah
But the memories forever
Our love have been apart of my life

Ku tetap menunggu
Hingga akhir waktu
Telah terpatri disaat
Ku lafazkan ungkapan seumur hidupku
This song is just for you
And know my heart is true
Dengarlah kasih cintaku bukan semu
Seluruh hidupku untukmu
Walau hatimu jauh
Tidak lagi miliku
Seperti dulu

kau yang bertahta
cinta ku tetapkan abadi
kau yang bertahta
Namun demi cinta
Ku doa kau bahgia
Meski bukan relaku

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tak ada yang abadi - jikustik

Kau pernah menjadi detak dalam nadiku
Dalam hidupku
Dan kau pun pernah menyelamatkan
Seluruh hidupku
Kau pernah menghujaniku dengan butiran
Air matamu
Tapi kau juga pernah tertawa
Dalam pelukku
Perubahan ini meyakinkan aku
Bahwa tak ada yang abadi
Sejak kau putuskan
Untuk melepaskan hidup
Kau pernah menjadi terang dalam gelapku
Saat tersesat
juga pernah menyentuh
Rasa sakitku
Kepergian itu mengajarkan aku
Bahwa tak ada yang abadi
Sejak kau putuskan
Untuk melepaskan hidup

Jikustik – Puisi

Aku yang pernah engkau kuatkan
Aku yang pernah kau bangkitkan
Aku yang pernah kau beri rasa
*courtesy of
Saat ku terjaga
Hingga ku terlelap nanti
Selama itu aku akan selalu mengingatmu

Kapan lagi kutulis untukmu
Tulisan-tulisan indahku yang dulu
Pernah warnai dunia
Puisi terindah ku hanya untukmu

Mungkinkah kau kan kembali lagi
Menemaniku menulis lagi
Kita arungi bersama
Puisi terindahku hanya untukmu

Photo editing is fun!

One of the most well known ICON in the world, MEGATRON!!

I been to this fellow...a singaporean guy blog. He stated there that our good ol megatron sucks!!! Now why does he suck? I keep askin myself why does he sucks? does he?

Think again...megatron contributed so much as a leader and also as a villain king for the TF universe. Then why is this guy sucks? coz he is the badass? Evil is what he do...not who he is. Lets journey back into the history of cybertron. Megatron was once, a great and respectable leader before he got corrupted by the fallen. In other words, megatron kick ass while optimus prime aka young orion pax was still sucking his mom's tits at home. No offence prime...i do like u too.

So before u all jump into any conslusion by saying megatron sucks, think again who sacrifice himself in order to prevent unikron from fully awaken? not once but twice!!!. Also who made optimus prime look great if its not coz of him?

Those who do not know the history of TF universe will simply said megatron sucks but those who knew will surely say "All hail lord megatron!!"