Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Asura

Project Asura is a small group of musician led by myself and my old pal from my previous group. The two of us together are both singers and composers. Project Asura objectives...to create better music for our local industry revolve in all kinds of genre, producing quality poetry lyrics and perform experimentation on all kinds of music. At first, we're planning to produce a single. However, there's a few song n lyric request from some established and new artists. So we have to concentrate on making their request first.

Our future plan is to gather a lots of Independence lyricist and composer out there, to join our group and establish their works. Nowadays, all established composer and lyricist have been rip-off a lots of newbies work in order to maintain their place in the industry. By doing this, they are able to maintain their place but killing the new generations artist in the process. Without the new generations, its fear that the local industry will suffer a massvie downfall. But human greed knows no bound. For the reason, we, Project Asura is determine to create a protected group or team to unleash our talents and works to the people without being violated by all of those motherfuckers. Its time to show to the old generation that this era belongs to us and its time for them to lay down their cape and stop play dirty.

Yes we got a lots of new n young composer in the market but they grab their chances to stand where they are now. But not many people are as lucky as them. I know there's fuckin loads of them out there waiting for a chance to change their stars. But their luck and hardship haven't been paid off.

However, the process will take a lots of our blood n guts....sacrifices in order to make things real. Insha Allah, with the support from friends and families, we will give the best and work our ass hard to achieve the dream.

-Project Asura

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