Sunday, August 9, 2009

Transformer Animated

The latest transformer franchise. Im one of TF die hard fans. This robots have been with me since i was in secondary school back in 80's. No matter what, TF has always been my all time favourite superheroes robots. However, the TF series have been evolved from time to time. Let just say i can still accept TF cybertron. Now this TF animated. I dont understand what is the producer trying to do? Is this some kinda Teen Titans or ben 10 version of TF? omg! this really ultimately sucks.

TF is better off left alone with the art style. One thing bout the design, do not change it into crappy shit appearance. Why they must be lure to this genre? TF already got a lots of diehard fans ever since the series on air back in the 80's. The fans did not want this art style. The want it just like the way they were or at least better than they used to be.

I think the only reason is becoz they wanna attract younger audience. This is what the market is today. So im guessing whoever watching this version are those who's still sucking up his momma's thumb. WTF ever...the greatness of TF once again ruined by those capatalist.

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