Monday, January 12, 2009

Composing, song writing and singing

I've been a graphic desinger and illustrator since 1999 untill now. I've been there done that. Although im now as product leader and game master, i still doing graphic design and illustration as a freelancer. There's one more of my field that i wanna achive successfully. Last time i failed due to my health. Now, im going to try my luck back

Lately i've been setting back my plan to seriously get back to this field and me and few of my old buddy will start workout some ideas. Im planning to publish my songs n writings. There's a lot of things need to be done. But the ideas is there...the talent is there...all that i need is hard work and i'll start concentrating on this field next month.

If i managed to breakthrough the market with my songs, i will resign from CIB and cocentrate on being a composer. Too many talents sometimes make me confuse...dont know which one to pursue. certain to active back in this field. The sooner the better. I will need all the luck i can get.


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