Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Final Destination?

After all said and done....i decided to resign from CIB Net Station. I think i should've been doing this after FWO got closed coz at that time, i feel that my presence in the company is no longer needed but i've promise to help the players...buld back the world we had lost in Secret Online. Unfortunately...the dream will just be a dream.

I still remember back when FWO got closed down...i have to go down and meet the players. Coz i scared that the company will lose a lots of players. Anyway...its my responsibility as GM towards the players...i attended some meetings with the players...some in Kelantan...terengganu...pahang...melacca....all using my own pocket money. Yet...all hardwork now is no more than just a dust. There's so many events i've plan...there's so many ideas....but i dun have the chance to do it.

I got the feelings that after FWO closed down...i've been pushed to resign. Only that courage n supports from the players keep me going. However, i've come to a junction where i have to choose.....CIB with their arroganess or my future? Got offer as Junior Art Director with twice salary....ok then i go with this one lol! Its not that i no longer care for the players. Its not that im a slave to money coz i got salary offer almost RM3k but with the situation im facing rite now....hell yeah i go with new company lol.

Im touch and sad reading all the emails send by the players to show support to my management. Im in the middle of a dilemma but i've made my descision. I can no longer face all those incompetence hipocrits who only know how to talk but shit in doing their job!.

I wish u all farewell and good luck.


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