Thursday, May 7, 2009

PSO private server

Its funny when untill today....i still got sms and pm from the players asking me bout the game. This is so irritating since i've already inform everyone dozenz of time that im not involved in handling or managing the server.

Or maybe got ppl said im the one who's running the server? now that's just pathetic. Goosh i really dont wanna get involved with those idiots who really need to grow up. I dont see profession as GM convince me enuff to make a life's career out of it. For some people who still havent grow up, and love hacking here and there just to show to other ppl that they got dick as size of a peanut,...they suit the job perfectly well.

Wuteva it happy with my current job which is the real profession that a person should look in life. I think if there's still ppl who point their finger at me sayin that im the one who's responsible running the server, then i guess the only solution is to report bout this private server to CIB management along with the names of those who's running it.

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