Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Global warming or Glabol warning? arghhh so hot lately....the weather really hydrate all the waters in my body...not even dat...i also got headache coz of the heat. And this will continue till september. I wish there's a heavy rain twice a week or everyday if possible. I love rain kekekeke.... 2 aircond in my house also doesnt effect much. Still can sleep in the minimum tempreature without wearing shirt. Normally...i would've freeze to death but now...i can sleep smiling...lol. At office? okay...u know that ants breathe rite? yea dats it.....ants breathe are stronger than the office aircond. Everyday im bathing my own sweat...arghh!!!....lucky they pay me 'enuff'. Otherwise i rather work in 7-11 cooler!!

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