Monday, December 22, 2008

Same old...same old...

Christmas around the corner. I can hardly wait. Its not dat i celebrate christmas but after christmas, new patch for secret online will be out and most of the bugs in the game will be fixed. Once everything's ok, im going to make some events for the players. And also, i dont have to give weapon n basic power scrolls to the newbies manually. Players are suppose to start the game with 1 weapon and 2 basic powers but the there's some bug, players start out with zero. Giving out basic powers n weapons to them manually is very tiring job. Some players ignored my help (later on beg)and keep doing bug quest which result everyone DC and got roll back.

Connection is shitty lately. Dunno wuts the problem with streamyx. My pc also shitty...this added more misery for me to do my work. Im planning to buy a new laptop. As usual, HP is my fev choice. Im gonna buy the most expensive one. So i can play the game and do graphic n recording on the same time without any probs. (that if my request for pc upgrade not approved by the management).

Secret Online is getting more and more players each and everyday. At the moment, FWO players and Wira Tunggal Legay Community players dominant the game population. There's more to come. Hope to see loads of players soon.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FWO flash back

Regarding this matter, i got a lot or request...or should i say tons of request asking me to make private server for FWO. Making a private server is easy but without the data from the management, everyone will have to start from the scratch with no items n lvl. This is unacceptable coz i know, u all sacrifice so much for the game and have to start all over again. At the moment, im doing my best the proceed with my plans for FWO. I got emails n phone calls blaming me for PSO closed down. This aint my call. Royalty issue is beyond my power. I cant refund coz its against the company's policy.

Under my cruel and dictatorship management, FWO back alive (after previous GM resigned in June) and a lots of gain support from players and ultimate hatred from those who exploits and using illegal items in the game. I dont care how much money of contributions they made for the game. If they brake the law, exploiting and abuse, i will not hesitate to break their chars. But they're not stupid...they managed to cover up their tracks. This is easy for me...if they managed to cover the evidence, i made one for them. At one point, thosei called friends, using the third programme in order to boost their damage. This is hard to trace. And make it harder when my own friends did this. And i put them away as well. Now friends or foe, i fucked em both for wut they did. My goal is to cast them away from the game...vanish them from the game. last time got this GC appointed by previous GM. He tele LI holder who's charging in a hidden place, to his own char and pk the poor fellow. In return, i erased all of his existing account listed in the system.

What i learned was we are the same. When a lots of players became of victim of exploiters, they ask for me to put their chars behind bars. But after i clean out all thos exploiters, the victim now do the same things. they learned n exploits the game. Sometimes i wonder whether its worth it to defend them on the first place but i got responsibility towards the game n players. So i just do it no matter wut.

After a lots of hardwork, the game concrurrent and sales rising every month from july till Nov. UnfortunatelyBut coz of royalty issue from the comic creator, all my hardwork become a waste. Before i became a GM for FWO, im also a players just like u all. Spend my money in it since 2004. I lost as much as u all as well. FWO closed down is out of my reach. FWO is the best game there is, there was and there will be. Secret online can never replace FWO from my heart...

...and i havent give up on FWO yet...with the will of god...who might see our beloved game rise again just like a phoenix rise from the ashes. Its hope dat got us this far.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Online Official Launching

Secret Online have been officially launched on 13th and 14th december at Low Yat Plaza. I've taken a few photo on dat day but unfortunately, the photo havent been released yet. Soon i will update. Anyway...the launching is okay. Only dat the ceremony is competing with the PC fair event. So, not many ppl come but the ceremony still crowded with people. There's 3 cosplay model, 1 cosplay secret online wizard and 2 more chicks were playin crazy shooter online cosplay. Nice n sexy chicks...should've taken picture with them but I dont wanna waste my time with chicks who play cosplay but know nothing bout the game.

I just hangout in the Secret Online booth only. There's some games made by the MC but the cword is not very supportive dat evening. Probably bz enjoying the cso and xdo tournament. Oh well...other staff bz giving goodies and game client to the peoples. I just attend the first day. And the next day, i already got plans. So i didnt come.

Overall, the game still got many bug and havent been fixed yet. but i;ve been told dat the developer is going to send a big patch to fix all the bugs. Hope can be done soon so ppl will enjoy more playing the game


PC Bitch Lagg!! so fucking irritating!!

Im using a bloody fucking noob pc in my office. This bitch pc always make my mood gone and the only thing it gives me is a fucking unlimited piss off. I got lagg even in opening firefox, how da fucking hell am i gonna run the game smoothly???? Wutta fuck am i suppose to do in the office? surfing? babi sohai!! Ironicly, i see other staff pc doesnt have a problem a bit in running the games lol!!!!

Im not sure how am i suppose to do my work. Login the game, lagg and often DC. Login CSO, lagg and the only thing i can do is being a bitch to other players by lettin them to kill me. WTFucking hell. Patience run out....maybe up untill the point i smash my PC with hammer, then the management will take my request on upgrading my pc seriously.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Upon the game, PSO/FWO being closed down early november, created a disastifaction and wrath among the players who spend alots of money for the game. I tried so hard and i've given all i got to ensure the safety of the game but i think i can only plan, god decided everything. As GM of the game, i represent CIB face, with my face. Players who's not satisfied easily point their fingers and blame me for it. I also got threaten message, being accused for cheating their money and not fair. Im just a GM. Wut power i could possibly have to influence the management to open back the game?

Wut dissapoint me the most is dat those players who i;ve helped before, also judge me so easy. Pointing finger without even thinking how many times i've helped them out. Including friends as well, they accused and bad mouthing me as if this whole thing was my fault. Its true wut ppl matter how many goodness u give to other ppl....once there's fucked up, ppl will accuse u condemned u not matter wuteva kindness u gave them before.


PSO and SO new forum created

Well...i forgot to mention here. There's a lot of pso players who refuse to join in the cibmall forum. yes they registered but they dont hangout there. I asked them why. they said the cibmall forum is not meet their expectations. Not very suitable for them. As far as i concern, PSO community been seperated from other CIB game community ages ago and they wanna keep it dat way. So they requested a new forum. Im happy to make one for them and the forum's already done. 2 days created, got 10 pages of user list registered and now, got more than 20 or 30 pages of user name list. thanks for the support. However, the management may not like this but as long as we can keep them playing the game, i dont think granted their request effect so much. so now the forum is better than before. all for PSO community. Thank u all


Monday, December 1, 2008

Secret Online, the mixture of WOW and PWO

emm...wut can i say bout this game? Secret Online is TianJi Online (chinese version) got its own uniqueness. Ok to be frank, Secret Online got differences compare to Tienji Online. The developer already made some changes in SO so dat the game will be a bit different than its predecessor(according to some players, there's a lot of difference).

Ok...the game is indeed, similar like world of warcraft (wow) and perfect world online (pwo). Wont be too much if i say dat the game is a rendition of this both game, and add a few elements dats not in both wow or pwo. But basicly, the game is like wow n pwo. There's 4 type of char, warrior, assassin, wizard and alchemist. I tried wizard and warriors and both are awesome. Weapons, equipment and item design are quite nice but World Of Kung Fu are nicer i think. Im still in the learning process of this game and so far i find it quite enjoyable.

There's a lot of flaws n bugs...well..its alpha test version. Wait till the close beta version launched...this game will be great. However...there's a lil bit dissapointed i felt for this game where the game copy wow including wow's weakness. The gameplay in lvling become slow coz ur char hit once, enemy hit once, then go over and over again. power animation n effects not as good as pso but still ok.

I think this game got potential. I havent review bout guild n war system yet. Hope they're as good as ppl said.