Monday, January 12, 2009

Lets tighten out unity

I often play crazy shooting online. Its a good game. And it'll be much more exciting when me and almost all CIB staff in the product leader department login CSO...there be hell to pay. So fun and happy playing with them. jackson with his style. Ah boon also...and melissa keep on lauhging everytime she shot at us. Everyone as well...vincent..ah choi and happy playing CSo with friends and i enjoy as well playing with them.

Unfortunately, not all CSO players share the same excitement as us. I often see racism in the game. Its not the game fault. Its the users themself. I dont understand. Its just a game...are the players is not matured enough to realize that unity is much more important than that? Why dont just settle down n enjoy the game. Why must keep on touching bout rascism? I think both side are wrong and shouldnt give bad example to others.

I think race is bullshit. Bruce Lee once said that style (in martial arts) divide people. And i think race divide people. race is just nothing. We're all the same. All human. I think if there's no race, we will not put the difference between one and another. But the truth is...we're no different. Dont let race divide us.


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