Friday, January 2, 2009

Old Beta Is coming

This is wut everyone's waiting for. Old beta is coming soon. Prolly next week. So i better get prepare.There's alot of things need to be done expecially to list out players who work hard during the close beta version. Players who managed to get rare items will be returned. Who come to me with a legit screenshots will be granted. The best part in old beta is, all my system will be in order. No more i have to wait for newbies and explain to them one by one and most more FUCKING DISCONNECTED problem!!!!!

Im gonna make a proposal for 1 year running for secret online expecially planning for ingame events. Im pretty sure my players will love it. All the events and plans i got for FWO dat havent been able to fullfilled will be unleashed here. Oh yea i've been given an assistant. Thank god i struggled with FWO last time alone. Now i got junior and the management said to give a good example to them and god knows wut is 'good xample' means from my preception lol.

Anyway...buckle up boys n girls coz alpha test is gonna say bye bye


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