Friday, February 13, 2009

Secret Online New Patch in Test and other stuff

new wizard profession

man in black in secret online

Been busy lately with work.Finally, the long awaited new patch arrived. But that was just not it, we need to test it first. Out of my expectations that the process take longer time then i expected. There's so many things need to be tested. So far, the disconnected problem is fixed in the new patch. Almost all quest had been translated in english version. Only some of new NPC that still havent properly translated. Almost all items are ok but some still bug. Quest ok but the direction or arrow function for quest is not working and this need to be fixed. There's also some skill name dats with different names which will create confusion among the players

So far, the game is good to be play. The new patch can be play although there's still alots of bug coz the bigger problem (disconnected) already solved. If we launch the new patch now, then in the same time, doing the fixing from time to time. Players still play the close beta with the disconnected problem. I think they dun mind playing the new patch which i think is 70% better than the close beta.

However, this is up to the management to decide. Im still doing the test server and hopefully, will finish it faster than im schedule to do eventhough dats kinda impossible to do. According to my schedule, the new patch can be launch this month.


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