Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where do i stand now?

Back when i was a player, there's always accusation to the smc/mxc/koh players dat they're exploiting....having illegal items and so on. So the image and bad impression rise among the players towards them. SMC/MXC/KOHer can be said, the clan that have most oversea players. Meanwhile SSC/SWC got the most local players. I'm SWCer. My IGN is PegawaiCegahMaksiat. Never tot that im gonna sit in the GM chair and rule PSO. At first, my target and goal is to get rid of players who exploits, GC who abuse power and those who's breaking the rules.

And so it began. As long as i know these people's exploiting or abuse power, i will force them into retirement. If they managed to cover their tracks, i will make one for them. To me, exploiters ruin the game, so i will do wuteva its necessary to put em away no matter the cost. Whether they have invested their money, less or large ammount, i dun gives a rat ass and put em away. Who oppose me shall perish. I retired gabrielleks, BadJai, TnT, DragonAngel, eldubz and many more.

Now since the game is free from exploiters, we should be thankful. But there's still. Exploiters are from those ppl who accuse other ppl exploits. I found dat the illegal items, exploits, using 3rd programme to boost damage and other fucked up things were done by SWC/SSCers as well.Its pretty shame that the local players are only know how to whining and complaints bout other ppl and yet, they're also the culprits. I will no longer give em a chance....those cretins will know...if i bring back those i put away, maybe they'll learn that trying to fuck with me will end up bad.


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