Saturday, October 4, 2008

A job at John Galt's Games

As everyone know, John Galts Games (formerly known as Phoenix Studio Games who make fungwan online) is looking for staff. Sitting at home boring..then i just open the company site and i found dat they're looking for staffs. There's one position dat im kinda crazily and lost my mind a bit when i saw the 'conceptual/texture artist'. OMG!!!! I've been dreaming for this position for a very long time but i dunno. Im kinda...divided. My heart strongly urge me to apply. Send them some of my works but how bout this game? who's gonna take over? Wut about the players who put their trusts n rely on me? What should i do? damn it im in kinda dilemma now. a fucking concept artist for mmorpg!!!! omg!!! I dunno whether my illustration skills match their requirement but i gotto try but wut about the game n the players? i love this game and i love my players. at this point...i dunno wut to think...


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