Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calm before the storm

Everthing's calm now since im back from cuti raya...other than my personal matters, everything in game look okay. Unless some problems regarding the assassins team and some report bout officers abuse power ingame. Im still investigating bout this matter but overall. Its quite and calm. Too clam. Everythings going too well. But things not as i expect them to be. Its just a calm before the storm. The storm is coming and its closing as day pass by. Not much time left. November 1st will be a historical date for most of us. Storm is coming faster than i expected and im not sure whether we all ready for it or not. I dont have the guts to face it but at this moment, i got no other choice than to face it. things happen too fast.... What am i suppose to say? What am i suppose to do to stop it? will i be able to or not? im just a small potato and wut might could i have to stop such far, at this very hour, i call it clam before the storm.....and its heading our way...


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