Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dreaming of 61

Dunno why im so attached with this number....its not mine actually but i love the number. i wanna grab n kiss u 61....the first night i sang for u i'll make love to u.... hope u still remember. and this big wave we're surf through, in and out the world is just not the same without u. Remember the day when we yahoo around and the feeling is so wonderful like a morning breeze my 61. now everythin fades....the more i try to grab n hold u...the more u drift away.....i couldntb are losing u but i have to face the fact dat the numbers isnt mine to have. Life without u is not the same. With u im complete. Without u, im just an unidentified numbers. Badly need u but dont think will have u the way i used to. 61 is the greatest thing dat happened in my life and also the worst misery i ever felt. 61 give life and take it back....took me off the dark to light and throw me back in for eternity. But im too addicted to 61. too damn addicted...

forever love


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