Thursday, October 30, 2008

Should have listen to me....

Shit happens. I failed to achieve this month (october) sales target. I feel bad and feel kinda hopeless. After the gudang point hack incident, the sales for the game is slowly get back on it feet. The concurrent also slowly increase. Then this shit bout game royalty happened that lead PSO to be shut down on 1st November. Still got 2 week left by the time i got the news and still time to avoid pso from being closed. My suggestion is to keep the news from the players while we workout something to save the game. Unfortunately my suggestion was denied. Directed by the management, i had no choice than to announce the news. Once the news got out, PSO lost 80% of it sale. I dont blame the players. I mean, who want to invest money in a game dats gonna die at anytime? Not only dat, alot of players quit. I play this game 4 years and i know well bout this game the the players. I wish they should've listen to my idea on the first place. Now PSO profit like shit, concurrent as well. Although the game is not going to be closed, but to win back players confidence is not easy. Now becoz of this, i've failed to achieve the target and make me look stupid and hopeless in front of my sales manager. Wtf!?? I fucking wish they listen to me on the first place.


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