Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So many things happened

Im quite away, busy with work. There's so many things happened. This week, one of our pso/fwo players IGN azumie, died in a motorcycle accident. Al-fatihah to him and condolance to his family. This is the second death of our PSO community members. The first member, ign JJex, died from a cancer (so i heard), few years ago. Anyway, 1 day before he got into accident, he managed to told some of his PSO players to inform in the community that if he ever made mistake of offended other members, he asked for forgiveness. Life is so fragile and death is inevitable. I think we all should learn to forgive and forget. We dunno who will go next. Maybe u...maybe me.

Since i become a GM, there's a lot of hatred going on. In order to uphold the law, there's so many ppl i've punished...heavily punished. The heavy punishment is to make them scare from breaking the rules but they still do it caught and been cast away from the game, hatred rise. Maybe i've gone too far? or maybe its needed to preserve the game from any exploitation hell i dunno. Give them a second chance. To start over perhaps. All dat i know is dat im trying to get rid of all the hatred....i think i should make the first move and i think, others will follow. Insha Allah


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