Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hari Raya open house

I just back from my mentor's hari raya open house. This is my first hari raya open house i ever went to. Not dat i dun have any invitation but i hardly show up in any ocassion. However, i think this is a best experience. I end up meeting a few of ol timer of pso. I think they're all cool. I met pose, MiHawk, Repo1, Tamahome, PuakaAis, Godang, MambangTanah and of course my mentor Angkasa who's hosting the open house. It was a rainy day and a lot of PSO players couldnt make it due to heavy rain and traffice jam. I came with dinee (Gratitude). Its was nice talk bout online games and the good old days back when i was not a GM, just a normal players who was still low level at dat time. They're far experienced and respected players. I do hope they will come back to the game and i believe if the game survive, they will come back. I went home at 12.00am. Wish them all the best and the game. Hopefully, there'll be alot of gathering between PSOrian.

p/s: hiyoo...forgot to take picture...demmit


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