Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sexy Warriror of mmorpg?

If we see nowadays, mmorpg chick characters are mostly sexy to the max. I dont deny that the character design along with all the armor and equipment are really fantastic. But its funny to see a warrior lady go into battle with just covering their pussies and breasts. Why not just make the character naked? This is pathehicly bullshit. Going into war, i think it'll be more logic if a warriors cover their who body for protection. Its funny to see a female character go into war with 90% naked lol!. Actually making a female character sexy is to attract players to play the game. But i think players should open their mind as well. Come on man...we're playing dun need sexy...only good design and game play. If need to see half naked woman, better go watch porno or blue film....totaly 100% naked!!


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