Friday, October 17, 2008

It aint over till its over

I broke the news to the players yesterday. On. November 1st 2008, i will close down pso server. This is so sadden and unfortunate. It breaks my heart more when i have to announce it myself. Sigh... They were shocked to hear the news and they're still in shocked now. There's alot of great plans for the game but i think i dont have a chance to do it. All PSO community will move to TJO, TienJi Online aka Secret Online. This game will be released in Disember, the first ever english version. But I doubt if its as good as PSO. Im going to play for the test server next week. Hope i will not be dissapointed. But as for PSO, it aint over till its over. Me and the community can still fight for it. 1st November is still weeks away and players will start spamming CIB n PGS emails. Hope our voice will be hear far reaches Hong Kong to Mr Ma Wing Sing acknowledgement. Fight till the end....PSO lives on


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