Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As a human, our heart is so very fragile. Things dat we cherish the most, the we love the most will be the cause of our heartache and its true. Goosh i've been with 'her' for so many years and now its time to say goodbye. Wut i hate bout meeting is dat one day, we gotto depart. I wondering wuts my mistake? i've work so hard for this 'relationship' but all dat gone to waste. I feel dat my purpose in this world has gone and i dont have reason to sustain my existance in this 'world'. In the end of the day, i finally learned dat no matter how hard i work my ass off, no matter how many blood n guts i've given...its not always enuff n fate once again, mocking me. I dunno how and wut im going to tell the public. my heart is devastated. spirit has been broken. i feel like a naked child lying in the rain, cold and dark place feeling emptiness and nothingess. I have sight but i dunno where to go. I got legs but it leads me to nowhere. i got brain but my mind is somewhere else.

All dat i wanna do now is sit at my balcony at home, smoking some pots and playing guitar. Let all the neigbourhood hear my melancholic melody of sickness n patheticness echoing the night.


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