Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its all coming back to me (De Ja Vu)

I finished work at 10pm lastnite. Before i went home , i decided to hangout in the Black Canyon Coffe Restaurant downstairs at the ground floor. I ordered a hot americano, some light food and smoke ciggarette while lookin out at the highway. After stress working, i love to be alone sitting n relaxing. Suddenly there's a group of chinese chicks came n sit not far from my table. One of them look very familiar but i dun think she was who i think she was...suddenly its all coming back to me and this old story came flashing in my mind.

13 years ago , there was a trouble boy who just moved to a new school. Being in form 5, this is his last year schooling and after SPM, school will be left behind. Its Sekolah Menengah Raja Abdullah kepong dat time. This boy dun have much friend. He's always on his own isolated. But being isolated is good for some people.There was this beautiful girl name Tan Hui Kim. She's so kind and friendly. fate brought the two of them together. She was the first person who came n make friend with this boy. After quite sometimes being together, the question bout different race was never a problem. They get along just fine. They also help each other and being there for one and another.

The boy found himself in love with her. So...this boy plan to confess his feelings towards her girl. He bought some roses and love letter (dat time no emails..just letter lol) on the valanetine's day. ***muslim dont celebrate valentine's day but just taking advantage on dat day coz normally ppl kinda feel cloud 9 during valentine's day. I remember dat day....the day of the tragedy. After school, the boy intend to proceed with his plan. Once reaching the school gate, he saw his dream girl across the street. He called for her, telling dat he got something for her. And so the girl cross the street towards him. Dat was the time when she got hit by a car. The girl died on the way to the hospital. trapped with guilt, regreat and self-hate, the boy left from the school. He blame himself for what happened.

After dat tragedy, i never seen the boy again. He left.... Turn up for the spm, then he left. nobody ever seen him since then. Seeing your love one died right infront of u is something unbearable. I knew them both. both somehow...isolated from other ppl. They live in their own world. Since then i learned that compassion is a weakness and weakness is a diesease. Life is fragile and death is inevitable.

And so this girl i met in the restaurant remind me of her and dat boy. Coz we're in the same class. While drinkin my hot coffee and watching my ciggarette smoke fading in the air, the story keep on playin on my mind....


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