Monday, September 22, 2008

Too many workload

Today, i've finished all my report. I check em out, make sure there's no mistake and email them to my superior. Everything's going to be just fine. I was ready to login my GM id and help out player but suddenly, the management need me to finish the FWO monthly profit for 2005-2008. Goosh...i thought there wasnt any dateline on the first place. I've made an appointment with the players. I think spending time on office workload is not a very wise move. Players who's having problem need my assistant. Solving players problem is also important. What's the use of a GM/produt leader spending too much time doing a never ending planning, report here and there while the players are in difficulties. According to my original schedule, firstly when i come the the office, i will sort out;

1 - emails
2 - forum
3 - office workload.
4 - login GM's YM ID.

Office workload is also important. I hope after finishing all the month profit, i be able to sit down and get in touch with the players.


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