Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Its not because of hate

i got an unexpected call from the love of my life.... I wish she never called me. I wish i dun have to listen to her voice ever again. But thing's not work out as i expected.

The moment i hear her voice, its like my heart is going to heart pounding hard and fast and im speechless. All that im wanna do at the moment is grab her and hold her tight, telling her how much i miss her. Buts its all in my head....i quickly end the conversation. Dont want her to know how i feel inside. Its not becoz i hate her. But its becoz i love her. I love her so damn much it hurts. Im crazily in love with her. The more i try to forget bout her, the more her smile n laughter playing in my head. Oh god please give me strength to carry on with wut left in me. Im losing my mind and im losing myself. I work twice hard to keep myself busy so that i can forget but the feelings keep attach more and more.

im drifting away and sinking....


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