Sunday, September 28, 2008

PSO Update

Lately, im back ingame doing some simple event. I feel great workload is kinda distance me from the game and the players but now it almost over and i'll be back on track. Players are hunger....hunger for the fun event. Im going to proceed with exciting events starting next month. The players concurrent is getting increase. Im not sure whether the server can support or not. But this is a good oppurtunity to ask the management to upgrade the server.Concurrent rise means more profit. More profit means more development.

Next month is gonna be The License to Kill event and The Lord Of War 2008 tournament event. The management suggest we do this outdoor but im not fully confidence to do an outdoor event just yet. Time will come for dat. Im thinking of doing some event for the upcoming hari raya aidilfitri but i still havent got any ideas yet. We'll see how.


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