Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I do need some time for myself

To all FWO players,

Some players do have my personal yahoo id and msn id. Usually, i will on my personal id's whenever i got tons of workload in the office or off day at home. Its important for those who's having my personal id to know that there's a reason why i online using my personal id. I hope players i add in my personal ID will stop pm me for help or anything regarding the game except if its for fun discussion. Some players look for me at my personal id and ask for help even in sunday and when im off duty. This is kinda invading my privacy. Unless if the case really2 important such as server hacking or gudang hacking or the end of the world in pso. if not, please take me as a normal chatter in ur yahoo list Rolling Eyes

There's a player focing me to go to the office while im resting at home on sunday. He expect me to drive 1 hour to my office, pay my own gas, pay the tols which almost RM10 and another 1 hour drive home lolz. such a waste of time n money. Im not working 7 days a week and not 24 hours a day. Terminator and robocop processor also can fried up working 24hours a day n 7 days a week, not to mention normal human lolz. Its important for me to have enuff rest (which im hard get) in order to do my job. A sick GM is as good as dead.


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