Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The missuse of talent n ability given by God

Salamz all

Its been 3 months plus since i took over as the FWO newest and hottest GM and product leader lol. There's up and down and too many shit happened but working hard is the thing that i never stop doing. Now i wanna talk bout hacker.

Now this kid...this local kid. I dunno wussup with him. His folks send him to learn some pretty cool shit and he use his knowledge and ability to ruin other people. i dun understand whether his mother drop him while he was a baby and he got mentally retarded or its kinda proud for him ruining other people? I heard this young whippersnapper went to the mosque for solat terawih and go home start hacking and selling hacked item which is "haram" in Islam, to other people. I dun understand how come he got the guts to do the ibadah and then do the sins afterwards? is mixing between sins n pahala is wut nowadays young ppl do?

If these people got problem with me and want to settle the issues like a man. I hardly find any difficulties in doing dat. 1 by a fair fight. What i dont undestand is, why trying to ruin other people? this game is a community and by ruining the profit of this game, will inflict major damage and without profit, how are we going to pay our developer their royalty and our company expense? CIB working hard with the staff to keep this game running. FWO game developer giving their sweat and tears of hardwork to create this awesome game. Players invest a lot of their monies for the game. For someone who have talent in hacking, should got more than enough brains to think this out. Why must other people got dragged along if the conflict is with me? just hack my personal stuff god damn it and leave other people expecially my players and the game alone.

Iam a GM and as a GM...i will do wuteva it takes to put out those who creating trouble ingame. That's one of my primary objective. Only people who break the law who will hate me. In upholding the law, i will not hesitate to punish no matter friends or not friends. I can be lenient as long as they stop doing all the bad shit they did. For now, Lucifer Dictator keep on moving forward.


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