Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday is off day heh heh heh

Well...still some of the players message me at my personal id and ask me to deal with their problem. I cant believe some of them were actually ask me to work 7 days a week at 24 hours. So i dont have to sleep, rest and go other things. Im starting to delete some of them from my list. No point keeping people who ignore to respect my privacy.

Today my plan is to do some sketches and drawings. Once done. Im going to do a new songs....writing lyrics as usual. The Edifulfitri is getting close which is sad coz to me, the ramadhan is all that matters than raya. But for most young muslim people nowadays, i see they already anxious bout the raya event on the first of ramadhan. All they care about is raya. No wonder they never care much bout fasting. Only veterans muslims care bout the ramadhan. Why we see some people cry on the first syawal? its not becoz of raya but its becoz of ramadhan is leaving us. There's nothing left in raya afterwards. Syawal means nothing to me...and im gonna cry for you ramadhan. Coz i dunno whether i be able to see u again or not. And u are teaching me to be good for the rest of the month and im trying my best.


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