Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Tiring Day

Nothing much today... Just continue doing the PSO profit summary from 2006-2008. Damn. But our developer need to seem them. So no matter how hard it is, i just do it. The developer is back. The negotiation was successful. All that we need to do is giving them what they want. PGS deserve what they demand. So we just giving back what's theirs. The profit summary also will include with the proposal i made and will be sent to the developer once its done.

Im gonna be so damn busy this month. Well the other month i also god damn busy but for this month, im so god damn mega super busy. This is a big oppurtunity for me to succeed what the previous GM has work hard to achieve. Considered, i continue their efforts. There's so many obstacle since i became the new GM but although with lack of knowledge and everything, i somehow prevail in bringing this game back up. However, that's is not my goal. My goal is to bring back the glory of this game above the rest. To make this game glorious and to bring the players a better world of FWO. The have supported the game since the old ages and they deserve to have more of just 1.3 version. No matter how many people try to ruin my hard work, i sware i will gain advance and keep on moving forward. i work this hard so far and i refuse to throw the towel in.

As everyone know, the 2.0 version is the future of the game. All our hope and dreams lies in the proposal i made. Im also planning to change to website design into more up to date and effective design to attract new and old player to play the game. With the players wishing me luck, i will try hard not to let them down.


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