Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Staring at your window with the suitcase in my hand

Some people say that love is like a beautiful flower. Pretty but dont last. Well...its ok cuz in this world we live in, nothing's last. Some people give everything in the name of love....some people love untill their last breath. Can there be a faithful heart? Maybe.....maybe 1 in 10. Nice average but its a laughing stock for those who choose to believe otherwise. But i look inside and see, there's heart that has been given and cannot be taken back. Souls is not ours to give. When we defy the rules, we're vulnerable to risk. Its a gambling whether u lose or win, u just place your bet and roll the dice. Failure is fatal. Souls and heart are not something to be given freely as we like. But that's just life. We just do our best although not all of us born with a lucky charm. Once in love, will be forever in love and its an eternal damnation. In the end, the only road left is to follow a lone pathway. Love is not built for everyone. Some of us realize that and accept the fate. Living as a loner is not such a bad at all. Look at the bright side. At least the only thing u need to worry is the old wound that's still bleeding inside with fresh blood pouring each day. In the end of the day, just light your ciggarette, open your pso client, login your access, hangout in fishing village rooftop while playing guitar. Who knows, might catch some skullies with LI.


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