Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missing My Yahoo Room

There's been almost 2 week i havent login to yahoo room nor paltalk. I miss my friends there. My health also not good plus too busy with work. So i didnt get the chance to hangout with them. I joined yahoo messenger since 1999. Start active in room around 2003. We have a community there where we spent out time singing in the voice chat. Singing n playing guitar mostly. Since i resigned as Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd recording artist, Yahoo and paltalk is the only place i got to keep singing. Other wedding ceremony? oh yeah im a wedding singer lolz. Also at a special function... Yahoo messenger as well as pso is part of my life now. Back then, yahoo room were divided into 2 categories, yahoo room (standart rooms) and user rooms (customize room where we can create our own room). There was a lot of sweet memories and the good old days will not be forgotten. Coz of there's too many booters, yahoo messenger disable the user room....sadly. Our community was broken and we scattered in the worldwide yahoo standart rooms. However, the name zhuan...or expecially 'lion' is very well known in a singing room in yahoo. If in paltalk singing room, the name galasura is also well known to those chatters. And by the way, i prefer login yahoo room using yahelite. yahelite is as same as yahoo messenger but more secured than yahoo messenger.

I once frustrated by the malay yahoo chatters attitude who loves to mock n boot people while singing. So i hangout in indonesia room and they welcome me greatly. I hangout with them almost 3 years till now and i got a lots of indonesian people....well...i learn how to speak indonesian as well heh heh. Now back to malaysian room. Currently my place is at Malaysia 1 room. Sometimes to prevent booters, our community create a yahoo conference. There we spent time singing n chattin. Thank you yahoo messenger. Our community lives on. If can, i would like to write all their names but its too many. Selamat Hari raya to all my yahoo messenger friends. I love you all.


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