Thursday, September 18, 2008

As a GM and Designer for PSO.

The management is somehow, happy and love my designing talent (been a graphic designer since 1999, with such experience, its gonna be pathetic if they're gonna hate my work, and give me full permission to do the design for pso and marketing strategy. So i use all my experience/expertise working in advertising company to create an great design for the game.

Pso is going out in PC Gamer Magazine (a famous local game magazine). And the best part is, they will let me do the design and article as well. This is also another great oppurtunity to polish my talent. As a song writer, i dun have problem writing something beautiful but i never tried that talent into copywriting. Well, if i can write a storyline back when i was a comic illustrator, should be much problem is doing the copywriting (i hope :P). PSO get 1 page in PC Gamers. I already got an idea of wut topic i wanna write. Hope my piece will be nice.


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