Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remember where we came from

Few days ago, my mom fell in her house while sweeping the leafes in the garage. She's having a hardtime to walk now. I rushed back home to help send her to the nearby clinic but i think, she need to be massage properly. Suddenly, i realized that my mon's gettin old. Iam getting old as well. Now im not a do-goody type of son but im just doing wuts right and responsibility as son. How 1 mother can take care of so many children where they're young but after all grow up, they can event take care of 1 mother. We're gettin old and so does our mother. Their time is not long in this world and we shouldnt forget where we came from. One day, our parents will be gone and we'll take their place. Will we be able to see them again once we gone and move to the otherside or life? Once life's end, we'll begin a new life with a new journey. So no matter how rock and rool we are, or how bad ass, we should learn to value things dat doesnt last.


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