Monday, December 22, 2008

Same old...same old...

Christmas around the corner. I can hardly wait. Its not dat i celebrate christmas but after christmas, new patch for secret online will be out and most of the bugs in the game will be fixed. Once everything's ok, im going to make some events for the players. And also, i dont have to give weapon n basic power scrolls to the newbies manually. Players are suppose to start the game with 1 weapon and 2 basic powers but the there's some bug, players start out with zero. Giving out basic powers n weapons to them manually is very tiring job. Some players ignored my help (later on beg)and keep doing bug quest which result everyone DC and got roll back.

Connection is shitty lately. Dunno wuts the problem with streamyx. My pc also shitty...this added more misery for me to do my work. Im planning to buy a new laptop. As usual, HP is my fev choice. Im gonna buy the most expensive one. So i can play the game and do graphic n recording on the same time without any probs. (that if my request for pc upgrade not approved by the management).

Secret Online is getting more and more players each and everyday. At the moment, FWO players and Wira Tunggal Legay Community players dominant the game population. There's more to come. Hope to see loads of players soon.


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