Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FWO flash back

Regarding this matter, i got a lot or request...or should i say tons of request asking me to make private server for FWO. Making a private server is easy but without the data from the management, everyone will have to start from the scratch with no items n lvl. This is unacceptable coz i know, u all sacrifice so much for the game and have to start all over again. At the moment, im doing my best the proceed with my plans for FWO. I got emails n phone calls blaming me for PSO closed down. This aint my call. Royalty issue is beyond my power. I cant refund coz its against the company's policy.

Under my cruel and dictatorship management, FWO back alive (after previous GM resigned in June) and a lots of gain support from players and ultimate hatred from those who exploits and using illegal items in the game. I dont care how much money of contributions they made for the game. If they brake the law, exploiting and abuse, i will not hesitate to break their chars. But they're not stupid...they managed to cover up their tracks. This is easy for me...if they managed to cover the evidence, i made one for them. At one point, thosei called friends, using the third programme in order to boost their damage. This is hard to trace. And make it harder when my own friends did this. And i put them away as well. Now friends or foe, i fucked em both for wut they did. My goal is to cast them away from the game...vanish them from the game. last time got this GC appointed by previous GM. He tele LI holder who's charging in a hidden place, to his own char and pk the poor fellow. In return, i erased all of his existing account listed in the system.

What i learned was we are the same. When a lots of players became of victim of exploiters, they ask for me to put their chars behind bars. But after i clean out all thos exploiters, the victim now do the same things. they learned n exploits the game. Sometimes i wonder whether its worth it to defend them on the first place but i got responsibility towards the game n players. So i just do it no matter wut.

After a lots of hardwork, the game concrurrent and sales rising every month from july till Nov. UnfortunatelyBut coz of royalty issue from the comic creator, all my hardwork become a waste. Before i became a GM for FWO, im also a players just like u all. Spend my money in it since 2004. I lost as much as u all as well. FWO closed down is out of my reach. FWO is the best game there is, there was and there will be. Secret online can never replace FWO from my heart...

...and i havent give up on FWO yet...with the will of god...who might see our beloved game rise again just like a phoenix rise from the ashes. Its hope dat got us this far.


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