Thursday, December 4, 2008


Upon the game, PSO/FWO being closed down early november, created a disastifaction and wrath among the players who spend alots of money for the game. I tried so hard and i've given all i got to ensure the safety of the game but i think i can only plan, god decided everything. As GM of the game, i represent CIB face, with my face. Players who's not satisfied easily point their fingers and blame me for it. I also got threaten message, being accused for cheating their money and not fair. Im just a GM. Wut power i could possibly have to influence the management to open back the game?

Wut dissapoint me the most is dat those players who i;ve helped before, also judge me so easy. Pointing finger without even thinking how many times i've helped them out. Including friends as well, they accused and bad mouthing me as if this whole thing was my fault. Its true wut ppl matter how many goodness u give to other ppl....once there's fucked up, ppl will accuse u condemned u not matter wuteva kindness u gave them before.


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