Monday, December 1, 2008

Secret Online, the mixture of WOW and PWO

emm...wut can i say bout this game? Secret Online is TianJi Online (chinese version) got its own uniqueness. Ok to be frank, Secret Online got differences compare to Tienji Online. The developer already made some changes in SO so dat the game will be a bit different than its predecessor(according to some players, there's a lot of difference).

Ok...the game is indeed, similar like world of warcraft (wow) and perfect world online (pwo). Wont be too much if i say dat the game is a rendition of this both game, and add a few elements dats not in both wow or pwo. But basicly, the game is like wow n pwo. There's 4 type of char, warrior, assassin, wizard and alchemist. I tried wizard and warriors and both are awesome. Weapons, equipment and item design are quite nice but World Of Kung Fu are nicer i think. Im still in the learning process of this game and so far i find it quite enjoyable.

There's a lot of flaws n bugs...well..its alpha test version. Wait till the close beta version launched...this game will be great. However...there's a lil bit dissapointed i felt for this game where the game copy wow including wow's weakness. The gameplay in lvling become slow coz ur char hit once, enemy hit once, then go over and over again. power animation n effects not as good as pso but still ok.

I think this game got potential. I havent review bout guild n war system yet. Hope they're as good as ppl said.


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