Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret Online Official Launching

Secret Online have been officially launched on 13th and 14th december at Low Yat Plaza. I've taken a few photo on dat day but unfortunately, the photo havent been released yet. Soon i will update. Anyway...the launching is okay. Only dat the ceremony is competing with the PC fair event. So, not many ppl come but the ceremony still crowded with people. There's 3 cosplay model, 1 cosplay secret online wizard and 2 more chicks were playin crazy shooter online cosplay. Nice n sexy chicks...should've taken picture with them but I dont wanna waste my time with chicks who play cosplay but know nothing bout the game.

I just hangout in the Secret Online booth only. There's some games made by the MC but the cword is not very supportive dat evening. Probably bz enjoying the cso and xdo tournament. Oh well...other staff bz giving goodies and game client to the peoples. I just attend the first day. And the next day, i already got plans. So i didnt come.

Overall, the game still got many bug and havent been fixed yet. but i;ve been told dat the developer is going to send a big patch to fix all the bugs. Hope can be done soon so ppl will enjoy more playing the game



Anonymous said...

ah got SO booth at the pc fair that day eh? i didnt know that...if i knew i will drop a visit for sure.


zhuan said...

got 1 booth...but simple booth only hehehehe...if u come...u can get some goodies :p