Thursday, December 4, 2008

PSO and SO new forum created

Well...i forgot to mention here. There's a lot of pso players who refuse to join in the cibmall forum. yes they registered but they dont hangout there. I asked them why. they said the cibmall forum is not meet their expectations. Not very suitable for them. As far as i concern, PSO community been seperated from other CIB game community ages ago and they wanna keep it dat way. So they requested a new forum. Im happy to make one for them and the forum's already done. 2 days created, got 10 pages of user list registered and now, got more than 20 or 30 pages of user name list. thanks for the support. However, the management may not like this but as long as we can keep them playing the game, i dont think granted their request effect so much. so now the forum is better than before. all for PSO community. Thank u all


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