Monday, November 24, 2008

Fungwan Online and World Of Kung Fu Online

Since i played PSO or Fungwan Online few years ago, i've fallen in love with a mmorpg type game. And since then,i no longer play my PS nor xbox. To me, mmorpg is the best game ever. Fungwan Online is a martial art game. That's why i love it. No magics gay gay n corwards soceries or wizards. The usage of magic as destructive powwer in a mmorpg is totally stupid. In actual war, wizard and mage just acting as a support only. The idea of magic as greatest force is sucks. Anyway after PSO server down, I found another martial art game. World Of Kung Fu Online.

The game is okay...there's alot of new shit they brought into the game. However, PSO gameplay still the best. But im craving for martial art game. So WOKF is better than nothing while waiting for PSO.

Lets talk about WOKF. If u are looking for a martial art game, u will be dissapointed. however, WOKF is not such a bad after all as a martial art mmorpg. It still got its own uniqueness. The armor n costume design is quite impressive although there's ridiculus costume like pirate costume, toxedo and lots of ancient victorian dressing style...hello...we are in the world of kungfu with all NPC char in chinese name and suddenly, we got fighters fight in old victorian dress? lol. Panda suit is quite amusing and ok to me. There's usage of magic in the game but not too much. Power base from chi or qigong still its main destructive force. Cool mob design and maps. Lots of great weapon n item design as well. I love the quest system where players can do quest auto. Guild also great. U can invite guild member into party no matter where they are even if not in the same map. We can also view all guild members level. chat system also good. Overall....everything's good but i just disspointed with the gameplay. Its hard to control the char using keyboard. Unlike PSO, WOKF power animation is poor. Melee style also sucks. Power also not as much as PSO. no chain poweer system and cant cross stance. In WOKF, players is more into forging to make their own weapons n eq. Since each stance got 15 powers only, the only thing differences in players build are the forged EQ. Power name also damn sucks n funny sometimes.

I can still categorize WOKF as a martial art game although i feel like this game is somekinda mixture of PSO and PWO. However, i hope other mmorpg type like granado espada, rapplez, perfect world and others will not claim themselves as martial art game since the only art in the game is casting n speel. For me, those games are sucks. Need more game like PSO. BTW, rappelz online is a Lord Of The Ring ripp off lol....never been suck than sucks

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