Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was born as artist. hell i dun count and estimate. i draw, play n write. Dats wut iam. Now i remember back when i was in school. My teacher always said that true success only lies on the university. With certificates n degrees. If u failed to further your study, u;ll end up selling burger on the street. Dat made me so scared if i failed my SPM. However, few years after finished schooling, i've seen a kid selling burger in the street make more bucks than a teacher. Then i realize that my teacher was full of shit. So wut is it that make u successful? what? is it talents? is it knowledge??

Im a man with many talents. Ppl called me a multi -talent hero. Am i?? Art is strong in my family. But art blood is very strong in me. My father was a good singer, excellent guitarist and painter. Im explore art more. According to ppl, im an excellent illustrator, comic artist, singer...a good designer, script writing, song writing n song composing. However with so many talents i got....yet here iam. Still nobody. Just like a morning dew...shining but unseen...unnotice...away from ppl and once the sun rise, it'll be gone.

Then i realize that, its not about talents. Its all bout luck. No matter how good u are, if u got no luck. U'll end up shit. But if u got nothing....none..if u got luck....u just work out a little, than u got all the success u need. World is not fair? who gives a shit. We just do our best...and hope, our hardwork will be worth it. Not everyone's lucky. as for me...win some, lose a lot. soemtimes i becomz afraid of success coz dunno wuts wrong, everytime when i achieve success, i will have to pay 10 times failure in the future. Am i really condemned? or i should've never been born. Maybe for some ppl, when they got born in this world, its written that they will be fucked up for the rest of their lives without knowing why whether being a good person or not. And im one of them. Life is so fragile...not everyman really lives.


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